Not receiving orders


I’ve yet to get any order. Can anyone please check what’s wrong with my gigs or what I should improve in order to sell my services? All help will be greatly appreciated. Would love it if anyone could help me get orders. Thank you.

Link to gig:


It’s december. Always on this time it’s quieter. Be patience Next week (januari) everything will be normal :slight_smile:


We cannot help you get orders. Only you can do that through strong marketing, and a brand image that people remember and trust.


Can you give me tips regarding marketing? Thanks :smiley:


Thanks a lot man :smiley: Hoping for a better year.


Marketing is different for every business. Simply put, though, figure out who your target market is, and go promote your services to that target market.


Could please check out my gig and tell me if I need to improve something?


Please provide links to your gigs so that people are more likely to review them as it’s easier to find them.


Hi marjuckraiyan,

I think you need to send “Buyer request”. If you are able to send “Buyer Request” regularly, I will get an order.


Do you want me to send you buyer request?


Here you go


Thanks for the link.

Firstly, you have only just joined and it will take a while to get orders. Also, December is notoriously quiet, and probably into January too. You have to have patience on Fiverr. You’ll hear stories of people getting orders in their first day but the truth for most is it will take a couple of weeks even in the busy season, then it will be slow, then it might pick up if you’re good and lucky.

Secondly, there are a couple of English phraseology mistakes in your text. As you are advertising yourself as a writer in English this will narrow your audience to those who don’t notice, or mind, those minor mistakes.

In your skills on your profile, you’ve put yourself as intermediate. A buyer is going to be looking for someone who is a professional and there are many on here. You’re in a very popular category. This is the same for your profile description which tells us that this is very much a hobby. I can’t tell from your profile what you are professionally. You sound like a nice person but you need to tell any potential buyer why they should buy your gigs and not someone else’s.

Good luck.


Thanks a lot :smiley: I’ll try to improve the minor errors and also follow your suggestions.