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Not receiving what's ordered?

For some odd reason, since I have become a buyer on Fiverr, I noticed that some sellers have these amazing descriptions of what they can provide, but then when you work with them, they fall incredibly short. Now understand, some of the sellers have been fantastic. But some others are not delivering what is advertised. Giving jpg vs png, delivering low res vs high res, simple typos, you name it, it’s happening. I’m not hard to please, I just want what is promised. I used to think it was due to a language barrier. Not anymore. That has nothing to do with promising something and not delivering on it. It’s just bad business. I just think some sellers copy/paste other sellers’ descriptions just to attract more customers. I think there is something quite wrong with that as we all are different so descriptions should be original. Please let me know it is not just me experiencing this.

You’ll encounter exactly the same issues on other freelancing websites.

Here, it’s easier for people to get set up and “go” and thus you’ll encounter sellers who, as you’ve pointed out, simply copy and paste other sellers gigs in the hopes of making a quick buck.

Before hiring the services of a seller here, best bet is to take the time to evaluate their feedback / reviews and check their previous work samples. If it all looks good, reach out to them via private message before making a purchase to get a feel for how they communicate.

If you’re ever unhappy with the work provided, you don’t have to accept the delivered works - You can request a refund or leave a review (either/or) and let other potential buyers know of your poor experience.

"I just think some sellers copy/paste other sellers’ descriptions just to attract more customers. " I know they do. I’ve seen lots of copied gigs. I stick to sellers with tons of positive rave reviews. There are too many sellers who are not able to do what they say they can as you have found out. If they need to copy someone else’s gig they should not even be here.

Please read through the seller profile before placing your order. There is seller copied gigs description but currently I just track down a seller which showcase other’s portfolio as his own work.

It has happened to me once. I simply rejected the delivery and asked for modification. Seller agreed to alter it as per what I had originaly requested which was in line to what their gig description said they were offering, although they short of nagged for my request being considered an extra service…copying is often the case in such situations. Customers can always report sellers to the CS for further review if it is felt a gig description fraud has occured.
Just my 2 cents…


I ordered a flyer design which I received and when i requested a few amendments (mainly text) the seller didn’t respond. I’ve not missed my print deadline so I will have to pay EXTRA to receive my leaflets from the printers intime before the offer on my leaflet expires.

It’s been a week now, a complete joke!!!

I want the PSD file so I can edit it myself.

Hi, if you need modification, you may simply click on “Request Modification” button, the seller 100% will get back to you. Most of the seller won’t provide psd files for free except you add on additional gig extra.

" I just think some sellers copy/paste other sellers’ descriptions just to attract more customers." you are right on this, I have come across this experience too from buyers.
To me, I think communication with the seller is key to understand or sense their expertise.

But all the same, some sellers have good service to offer.

Happy buying

There are plenty of awesome sellers here, don’t be easily discouraged. You just need to be diligent in evaluating feedback from other buyers before choosing your seller and service. Have pleasant day.

Stars, accolades, and a good ranking may not guarantee that you’ll get what you ordered.

I had an experience similar to the OP’s (original poster’s) wherein I discovered that a highly-rated seller just supplied the same background image to everyone who ordered that gig, with the required text juxtaposed.

No heed was paid to what I had said about the text and how I wanted it to look. The request I had made was quite simple: It should’ve said ‘ServiceTier’ (no space; notice the capitalization) versus ‘SERVICE TIER’ (which is what I received).

I had to use the wrong image–but only as a placeholder–since I needed to put something there while I was supposedly being given a modification which, alas, never came! I ultimately took down the only image I had received and didn’t do business with them again.

To rub salt into the wound, they had the audacity to find the (placeholder) image on social media–using guesswork about my presence–and send me a screenshot, citing it as the reason for not doing a revision (a simple font change). Wouldn’t their time have been better spent giving the client what they had promised, I ask!

Contact with customer support and try for a mutual refund. Ask the seller to refund or cancel the order.

It is also possible for sellers to deliver poor work if they undersell their services. If you hire sellers via the “buyers’ request section” and desperately ordered the cheapest gig, chances that you will get the exact thing that you want is lean.

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