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Not Recieving Orders

I Joined FIver In May 2019 But Still No order Please Help

What actions have you been taking to earn your orders?

Creating new gigs And using buyer request but no order

You might find even more orders if you research your target customers, and find ways to connect with them, wherever they can be found.


Hi, this is good advice, Can you please explain in details. .

I would recommend reading the many guides and previous responses to this question on this forum. Tactics on how to improve your gig and marketing are in abundance on this forum. So many new sellers have the same question you have, and everyone seems to make their own post about it.

I would instead recommend reading previous posts and guides on this forum to get you started, as the answers in those guides and replies might be a lot more detailed than what you’ll receive here - mainly because hundreds of sellers before you have posted the exact same respons, and most of the people who try to help out in this forum are tired of having to give the same answers over and over.

Best of luck to you! :slight_smile:

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Here’s a link to the Tips-section, with a lot of useful content:

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v nice guidance now its way for him to choose how can he find