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Not recived Orders for my GiG yet

Hi, I Created My fiverr GiGs before month ago. I can’t get any orders yet. I promote my GiGs through Facebook. but GiG Views, Clicks increase daily. Have a any wrong in my GiG. What I do for get orders?



You facebook ad could be summed up in one word…SPAM. I have no idea how you would market to 3 million people with only 5 dollars but you can basically assume that people think you are going to spam people plain and simple.

Agree with @forcedlogic and @silberma1976.

Furthermore, you have clearly stolen photographs for your “Background Removal” gig. And on top of this, in the EXAMPLES that you provide, you have inadequately removed the background - the very service that you’re advertising.

If I were to give some brutally honest feedback, I’d tell you to dig deep and think about what your real talents and skills are, then wipe away the 3 gigs you have currently and start building some new ones from scratch - Gigs that are genuine and highlight what you as a person really can offer.

What about this GiG?


This GiG and my one have a same job. but this GiG Create after my one.

Reply to @hslibrary: But you only have 3 gigs total and 2 of them are the same thing. And you need some more before and after photos for your photoshop gig.

But all the promoting on facebook is pretty much considered possible spam.

Other factors, are sometimes ones like name or the photo, maybe try a different photo?

And look carefully at where this other persons gig is located…your says social marketing or something, and the other ones says it;s in Get Traffic. Look under the title at the top. Maybe you need to fix your keywords or something else.