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Not replying feedback

Hii everyone,

So i had one question. When you know buyer is gonna give you feedback , and you reply their feedback so you can know about their feedback, and then it shows on the profile.So this is the whole feedback process as long as i know. so now when you know it is gonna be a negative feedback and you do not reply that and it doesn’t show up on your profile, so for how long it will stay like that? like fiverr automatically publish their review even if you do not answer to that feedback? I know a lot of you would be wondering that this guy must have done some bad work so he got negative feedback.but situation is something else. so there is situation going on right now with me. . my competitor (my ex boss) is placing fake orders to give me bad feedback so i do not get work anymore, i am not sure about it and that is why i have already informed CS about it.because i recently got 2 negative feedback even after doing everything what client asked, so there location was showing different countries but the local time of their was the same as mine. so i told CS guys to check about it. maybe that could be natural too i am not sure and there could be technical error caused this.

If you don’t respond to their feedback, their feedback will show in 10 days, and then you’ll no longer be able to respond and tell your side of the story.


Ahhh. right. well i think i should wait first what the CS guys says about the situation, like they are natural feedback or not, maybe reply to feedback after that. ???

It’s up to you, just remember that after 10 days you won’t be able to reply.

Sure sir, will keep in mind. Thanks for the reply and help. :slight_smile: :pray: