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Not responding to mutual cancellation = negative feedback

I noticed a mutual cancellation with 20 minutes left to run on it the other day (I don’t recall getting a notification before for it!) Anyway, I accepted. Reading through the ToS however, and if you don’t notice a mutual cancellation/fail to respond before it runs out then we get a negative feedback for the trouble. So not only can you lose levels (which can happen with mutual cancellations anyway if there is enough) but you can also lose your 100% rating. So never let them run out! Same happens if buyers don’t accept a mutual cancellation in time, their % is also affected. So yeah, be aware! Especially if you have pages of gigs to hand in :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Yeah, I was wondering this with the new cancellation rules. I’m curious to know if the seller initiates the cancellation but the buyer doesn’t respond (and the waiting period ends), does that affect your cancellation rating?

That’s crazy if so. Now, I feel like I’m trapped in the vortex again. Especially since cancels happen faster (within 2 days instead of 3).

Reply to @kjblynx:

head shake If I have to grit my teeth again, like when I started here, I will. I won’t be smiling while I do it though. Buyers who make unreasonable demands/don’t read the description deserve to be cancelled on.

Remember it is not just an impact on the cancellation ratio. It is a full-blown negative feedback.

What?! Seriously?! I had no idea! When was this introduced, or has it ALWAYS been this way? Thanks for letting us know!

On a different note, you mention a “Buyers rating”; but I have never seen a buyer being rated… Is this something everybody else can see excpect for me?

Reply to @kjblynx: Yes you do. Mutual cancellations that are not responded to, whether late or not, put a negative mark against a buyer or seller’s account (whoever did not respond). It is not a negative comment on the page. It is a negative mark against the whole account.

Seen a couple of buyers of mine go from 100% to 99% feedback when they do not respond to my mutual cancellation. Customer support also confirmed that this happens.

Mutual cancellations do not impact your rating when the cancellation is actually mutual (although they do in Fiverr V3, mutual cancellations are recorded in your cancellation rate for a specific gig on the analytics page). If nobody responds then they stop being a mutual cancellation.

If you read the bottom of that thread you linked it says:

“unanswered mutual cancellation requests do affect the cancellation ratio” or words to that effect. So if nobody answers you not only get a cancellation mark against your account, but the other person gets something that is akin to a negative feedback.

So, if i, a seller, send out a mutual cancelation request because of a personal emergency, but the buyer, who has been unresponsive to my communication atempts since the order started, doesn’t answer to the mutual cancelation and the 48 hours are up, will my rating drop, or will the buyer’s drop?

Buyer’s rating.

I found that out the hard way. I was so overbooked I did not deliver on time and this buyer did a cancellation and because of the time difference (w2hich I believe Fiverr should take into account) he left me a 1 star, I have never ever gotten that low of a star, usually 5 stars. I did not know Fiverrs new rules. How come the rules are always in favor of the buyer and not the seller, yes I could write a book on working on Fiverr.

thank you!

When doing Buyer’s Requests, f you notice there’s a time difference which is going to cause such a problem, do you send the buyer a Custom Offer that has a longer timeline built in? If so, does it put you at a disadvantage compared to others who might be able to deliver faster? If you could share your thoughts, given that you’re at a higher level here. Thank you.

Buyer’s have ratings? Where do we check them?

I’ve done that and had my rating drop. If the buyer does not respond it is the same as a cancellation done by customer support.

If the buyer not respond within 2 days of mutual cancel request.please cancel the request and send the mutual cancel request you will get again 2 days time limit to contact the buyer…i tried this and got success…:slight_smile:

please remember before it reaches 2 days cancel the request and send again…once it reaches 2 day it will cancel automatically…then we cant do anything…

When the order gets in the “Very Late” status (48 hours after the deadline?), if the buyer cancels, I think it goes through automatically (someone correct me if I’m wrong, please), and the seller automatically receives “Order cancelled. Seller failed to deliver on time” feedback. It’s not new.

Hi i have question , if buyer is not responsive towards the cancellation Request then it will effect seller rating ? like you said it will be same as cs canceled the order .