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Not Responding to Spammers Decreases Response Rate!

The other day I received a message in my Fiverr in inbox. Well I say it was a message, but actually it was empty, except for a link to a cpa or something offer, obviously the spammer wanted me to click and hopefully buy. There’s no point in responding to spammers - in my experience it just makes things worse. So the long and the short of it - I didn’t respond. Consequently, my response rate has dropped. I’ve never had less than 100% response rate, and now because of this ‘person’ I’m being penalized. P’d off a lot!! Anyone else have a situation like this? And how long before the response rate is back to 100%?

Enjoy your day everyone


Or spam them back, they love that, what’s good for the goose…and such :stuck_out_tongue:

Just reply with a . or * simple, effective, takes less than a second, eventually spammers will get the hint :stuck_out_tongue:

When a message is spam and you don’t respond, you have to click report and it won’t affect your response rate.

My response rate is now 95%. It used to be 100.
It went down because I ignored all of those spam messages too, and as a result
at one point it went down to 89%.

Once I found out that was the cause, I did my very best to respond to non-spam messages
as quickly as possible,and for the spams I just typed “Please don’t send spam messages” and that pused my rate back up to 95% which I guess isn’t that bad.
Hopefully it will go back to 100% eventually! Not sure how long it will take though.

Clicking report does not keep it from affecting your response rate. I always reply with SPAM and then click report.

As @jetengle said, I think report does not prevent it from affecting your response rate. I sincerely hope Fiverr removes “response rate” altogether and if not, that the issue with this is fixed. If I catch the spam before the user is blocked I reply with basically anything and then I report it. My response rate has finally gone back to 91% with that and hopefully will keep going up if we have to get stuck with it. Right now it doesn’t show to anyone but you and doesn’t seem to do much anyway. I suspect that eventually it will affect you in some way, though, so I’m against it altogether.

the whole response rating is bogus and it should be done away with.
i sent a letter to support on this matter and i still have not received a response.
maybe i shouuld downgrade their response rate.

seriously, is the response rate necessary? i get people who email at the end of a gig “Thanks” and I have to respond “You’re welcome” and if they return a “Thumbs up!” then I have to reply again or my response rating will be negatively affected.

Come on, this is not necessary…

Deleting a spam message reduces response rate too.

Anytime I get a spam message, I send a one word reply, “Spam,” and then mark the message as spam. Both bases covered, 100% response rate.

Here’s the problem I’m experiencing: even if I hit “report,” the users can still send me messages. I’m not saying that the website “un-reports” them after a few days or hours (though that does happen, too). I’m saying that the message is still marked as spam, there is the little alert at the bottom of the messages that says, “blahblahuser will no longer be able to contact you,” and yet they are still able to send me messages.

So…that’s annoying.

Ugh… sounds like an issue for customer service. I really wish they’d implement stronger features on their message system for filtering and blocking messages and users.

I gave up caring about the response rate feature long ago.

Let just hope buyers understand the problems with it so they can stop caring about it to.
And yes its for the reason the OP stated.
I dont reply to scammers either. Its a waste of my time. And you suffer consequences here on fiverr.
I’m over it…

I think response rate is calculated in terms of calculating the rating of your gig. My response rate went down from 100% to 80% for the same reason.

Mine 92% just because of spammers :’(

This happened to me too! I had only been on Fiverr a couple of days and I didn’t realise there was this time frame. I dropped down to 50% because I had only ever received 2 messages and one was spammy so I ignored it! I have now managed to claw my way up to 89%…

Even after replying to everything and reporting spammers, my response rate fell from 100 to 78 suddenly, totally frustated with this scene!

Reply to @davidfisher845: Actually, you really are taking it further than necessary although I am entirely with you on removing the response rate feature entirely.

Response Rate only calculates your first response to a new message. It does not count “back 'n forth” communications after that point. Once you’ve responded the first time to a new message, you are solid.

Reply to @jamesbulls: Agreed. I don’t understand why we can’t actually block people like you can on pretty much every other website with a messaging feature.

Reply to @anurag_khetan: you bet…look at this new spammer,he keeps using ben and ann and i can’t respond to the messages -my rating keep falling ,i wonder who gave fiverr this idea.