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Not review by buyer

if any buyer not accept the delivery and cannot review than in this condition my loss or not

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As long as the order gets auto-completed in 3 days’ time and you get your hard earned money, there is no “loss”.

and rating sir and feedback

Unfortunately, sellers do not have the right to a review after the completion of each order. It is up to the buyer if they want to post a review or not.

After completion of an order, the only thing that is rightfully the seller’s is the money they earned from the order… nothing else. :sunny:

So, since you don’t really have a say in this, you can’t really consider it a loss.


Keep in mind that buyers read this forum, too, even if they don’t post much.

This emoji overreaction over a simple fact that the buyer is not obliged to leave a review doesn’t help you look like a professional someone would want to work with.

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