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Not satisfied with quality of work

Hello I am trying to get a new super hero character designed for my business. I have asked and paid three separate people for the work to be carried out. 1 was no problem, quick and satisfactory. The other two are asking for extensions of time and I have received some work back from one but am not satisfied. I am going to give them both one final chance to rectify this to a satisfactory standard if they don’t rise to this then I will be seeking a refund. How do I go about this please?

You can ask for revisions if they offer that. If they still don’t deliver what they described in the gig page you could request cancellation.

But note that the terms of service says:



I hope that you realize that what you are looking for is a pretty high-value service. In this case, the quality of work sellers deliver, will often be reflective of the price you pay. I don’t know your budget, but I would guess that a minimum of $100 would be what you would be looking at?

You are under no obligation to accept extension requests. If your sellers don’t deliver by the next scheduled delivery time, don’t do anything. You will then be given the option to cancel your order 24-hours later. When you do cancel, funds will be returned to your Fiverr balance.