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Not satisfied with Seller after revision


I have placed an order with a seller but after two revision I don’t think that me and the seller see eye to eye. His software doesn’t produce the results I had asked and I had sought to do the project myself. Can I cancel and compensate the seller for their time?


you can either cancel and get a full refund, or accept his delivery, he keeps the money but you post a review about how this seller did not meet your expectations to help other potential buyers.


I guess you could also cancel and tell him to send a custom offer for a symbolical thing X over whatever you want to give as compensation :wink:


If you cancel, you get everything (minus processing fee) back to your fiverr balance. How would you compensate him for his time? It is against Fiverr TOS to contact another Fiverrrer outside Fiverr.

Accept the gig and if you feel like compensating him/her for more than what you paid for the gig, use the tip after you leave appropriate feedback.


Fiverr’s TOS clearly state that buyers can’t cancel work because of persona; preference. Whatever you have paid already is for your sellers time. Moreover, they have spent time on your order, delivered work, and spent more time on revisions.

At the same time, although you have worded your problem a little differently, what you have outlined is a common scam of Fiverr where buyers attempt to get work for free.


This question should really be sent to the seller you are working with.
Explain the situation and try to come to an arrangement that is fair for both of you.


Well I have submitted a script and what I sent isn’t matching what I had envisioned. And the text isn’t that clear cause they didn’t use bullet points and I doubt their software support bullet points.

It’s not preference it’s not living up to what i had asked.

I want to know what options I have for the seller as I want a win-win scenerio.


Is what you envisioned the same as what was offered in the gig description?
This is not a smart-alec answer - if what the seller has delivered matches the gig description then you don’t really have the option to cancel as @cyaxrex explained above.
This means that the options you have will be dependent on what the seller is agreeable to.
After agreeing with the seller you can, for example, create a new order for an agreed lower amount and then allow the seller to cancel the initial order and then you complete the lower value one. Seems more complicated than it is but this is a method endorsed by customer service and so they will back you up if there are any issues, once you have agreed it with the seller.
You are a new buyer so I should warn you that any refund you get will be returned as Fiverr credit.


Well the gig description was just “make a video” to specification and I had uploaded a story board. The video is nowhere near the story board