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Not seeing enough buyer request

I used to see so many buyer requests before but now I am mostly seeing buyer requests once a day or someday there’s no buyer request in the whole day. You can say maybe I don’t have gigs in different categories but I have gigs in 6 different categories. I check the buyer request feature at least 15 times a day and it’s really disturbing that there’s no request. Is Fiverr limiting buyer requests for individual sellers?


Or is Fiverr not getting enough traffic?

Yeah, even that is true.

You are ranked as a “New Seller”. You won’t see many buyer requests until you are promoted to the rank of “Level 1” seller.

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Is it a new rule? Cause i haven’t faced it before :roll_eyes:

I don’t know how new it is. But it does appear to be the rule. You were likely demoted from “Level 1” seller, and when that happened, Fiverr severely limited your access to buyer requests. Every New Seller seller faces this limitation.

Oh Okay. I got that. Thank you Jonbaas for helping me with your valuable time. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re welcome. …

Stay online and also promote your gigs using social media and update your gigs.

Did you even read this discussion topic before posting?

Staying online, promoting gigs using social media, and updating gigs have absolutely nothing to do with the amount of buyer requests that a “New Seller” is able to see.

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When your impressions and Views increased your will see buyer requests and it will increase the change to get order.

100% false. The number of buyer requests that a seller can see is dependent upon their seller level. Impressions and views have nothing to do with access to the Buyer Request section.


The number of requests also depend on gigs.

Only in the sense that the more categories you have your gigs in, the more categories you have access to. This does not, however, guarantee that you will see more Buyer Requests in those categories. If you are a “New Seller”, you will still see few to no BR ads, no matter how many gig categories you are in.

Agree :slight_smile: