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Not seeing my order in "Manage orders"

I cant see anything to do with my order on the app and I haven’t received an email about confirmation. But I was charged for an order. I have proof that the money was taken and that the order hasn’t been seen by me afterwards.


Make sure you’re logged into the buyer side of the account and check there.


This happened to me. I see that they have taken the money from my bank, but my order is not listed on my account. I contacted customer service about 24 hours ago and still no response.

I included screenshots of my bank statement showing that I paid the money.

Has anyone dealt with this? How long do you have to wait for customer service to respond? Is it a fight to get it back or should I just give up on Fiverr and do a chargeback?

Customer Support will be able to help you with this.

However, they are very busy at the moment and can take up to 10 days to reply.

Hopefully you will receive an earlier reply.