Not Seeing New Orders, No Notification, Missing Buyers Orders


For some time now I’ve not always been notified of new orders by any means.
Some orders do not show-up on my:

Orders page
To-do list
Fiverr app
Email or to reminder to view the requirements by email

Some orders simply do not appear anywhere until I get an email saying delivery is late.

Once I click on the order number in the email, than will the order appear on my orders page
And after I click the link on my orders page than, it will appear on my to-do list.

My orders page is more reliable than my to-do list, I have to use it instead because I’ve had several orders appear on my orders page but not anywhere else.

I’ve contacted support several times about this matter. I was 1st told a technical ticket would be opened, than to dismiss that prior message because this was the result of an experiment to limit spam than, to clear my cookies but, I did that today and an order was still missed. So, the matter is ongoing.

My concerns are…
My on time delivery has dropped for 98% to 89% since this started happening
This has effected my gig placement in search results and amount of orders
I don’t want any late or unnecessary extended deliveries, cancellations or unhappy buyers
Or to lose my Top Rated Status I worked years for because this bug is affecting my stats.

Is This Happening To Anyone Else? **Has Anyone Been Able To Resolve This Issue?

Thank You,


Contact customer support again to solve this issue.


I have several times but, thank you


What does customer support say about this?