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Not seen a sale since like forever


I am frustated. Promoted so much. Invested Time. Made videos. Done everything I could. Result : NO SALES.

The few sales that have pushed me to Level 1 too were because I contacted people through Buyer Requests in which out of every 40-45 people I contacted, 1 bought.

I dont know what I can do to do more on fiverr :confused:


Same thing for me, I’ve invested more than my return. Lots of people feeling this as it’s always on these threads. I’m just patiently waiting til they drop my levels for lack of sales.

Too many seller and few buyer I think. I going to switch up to a couple types of gigs and try it once more, if not, I don’t know what then.

I’m even giving away free QR Codes on the forum and no one seems to want that. Go figure. LOL


Where are you promoting ?


Oh and I’ve been missing out on the Buyer Request section. Just started checking it out today.


To be honest I like the look of your gigs or rather the idea behind them. Have you tried being patient? Obviously you think you have or you wouldn’t be here complaining. I hope you realise in life (the same it is here too) that if you sit on an egg expecting it to hatch it just plain don’t do as you would expect it. Others are offering the same ideas as you & therefore there is nothing unique about your own. You have to keep adjusting until you stand out of the crowd… Offer things that exemplify those that already exist and when you get the chance to win a great review treasure that more than you obviously do your gig idea/concept. Reviews are what count here and that is the by end and end all.


Reply to @ozzieuk: Pinterest boards, my own and the ones which I find on the forum. My facebook pages having tons of likes. Facebook Groups, etc.


Reply to @scriptwizard: Thanks for your reply. I know that reviews matter a lot. But to get those we do need to get sales right. I am darn sure if I get a sale, I will get a positive review. I am confident about my work. I offer photoshop services. So the only approach I have remaining is offering something REALLY unique that has never been on fiverr. I have a few ideas too. But again my fear is, my unique gig will never get noticed by people :confused:


Reply to @newopp: Hey man, I know how it feels like. Its like only a few get noticed while the others just get lost in the crowd.

PS: I am also offering one of my gigs for free on the forum, but no takers.


Reply to @avi619: I’m new to selling on Fiverr, so most would probably look at me and say that I don’t have enough experience to offer much solid advice. However, I’m not new to marketing - and promoting a Fiverr gig can actually be a lot easier (depending on the offer, industry, competition level etc.) than freelancing and trying to convince potential clients to pay your set prices…or even selling other products for that matter.

I see that you use Facebook, Pinterest and to some extent the forums here. Have you tried creating and publishing a press release for your gigs? Do you have your own website? If so, do you blog about your own gigs on your site? Have you tried seeking out opportunities to guest blog on other sites related to your gig? Any of those might help you get over this spell, and aren’t terribly time-consuming or costly. It might also be a good idea to read up on how to improve the search engine ranking for your gig order pages. I’m not suggesting anything underhanded like trying to buy backlinks or stuff keywords into descriptions. Those things hardly ever work, and can actually backfire if you’re not careful. There are other legitimate ways to build search engine ranking for your gigs. I’ve seen lots of different blogs that discuss the topic.

A thought: since you’re offering one of your gigs for free on the forums, why not focus on marketing that as a “deal” and promote it on coupon sites (again, legitimate, respected ones) and also discuss it in the press release if you decide to create one!


@avi619 and @newopp I forgot to mention this in my last post. If either of you have your own website where you promote your gigs, you could try testing out something like Google Adwords and seeing how it works for you. They often have coupon codes you can use; the latest is something like “spend $50 and will give you $200 more.” So for spending $50, you get $250 worth of advertising. Not a huge investment, but it gives you enough to start out with to see if it will deliver the ROI you need. Most people warn against using Adwords for Fiverr unless you’re at the point where you can offer substantial extras etc. Seems like both of you are at that point, so it might be worth a try for each of you.

I wouldn’t recommend using Adwords directly on one of your gig pages. The reason is because Google is pretty strict about how landing pages for ads need to be set up. With Fiverr, you don’t really have control over much in that way. Plus, there are WAY too many other links that can possibly distract someone who clicks on your ad. You could end up paying to feed customers to someone else instead of your own gigs just because of the nature of the Fiverr site. So if you’re going to use something like Adwords, I’d suggest only doing so on sites that you control. That way if Google asks you to make changes, you can do so easily and avoid having your ads suspended or account banned.


Reply to @guruofbacklinks: Those are some really wonderful tips! I have never tried anything that you have mentioned above. I guess, I will generate some extra income from somewhere and try to do atleast a part of what you said.

I have also thought of Media buying in my niche for my gigs. What do you think about that?


Reply to @guruofbacklinks: Thanks for the advice. Yes google is really picky and if you’re not making tons of money from them, they basically ignore you. I need to take some time and learn more about Adwords so I’m not wasting my money. I purchased some nice programs and really want them to pay off.

You guys need to check out my free qr thread and let me create you all a free one for your gigs.


Reply to @avi619: I get the need to generate income for marketing. Fortunately, you can do some of those options for free. You can research the best press release templates, write up your own and submit to free press release distribution websites (just google them, there are tons!). Same goes with guest blogging opportunities. You can start to build relationships with some other bloggers in similar industries (who are not your competitors), and then ask if they accept guest bloggers and what their rules would be if they did. If that doesn’t sound so easy, there are some gigs here on Fiverr for guess blogging. Just be sure you check out their site stats to ensure they’re related to your industry and worth the effort and $5 (should list this info in their descriptions).

You can also get a website going for fairly cheap. Use Hostgator or something similar (NOT Godaddy) and install WordPress. Find a theme that works for you (there are plenty of sufficient free ones out there), begin writing up some unique, original content and optimize for search engines (there are also free plugins to help you do this if you don’t know how). If you decide to do this, don’t just blog about your gigs. Write blog posts on other topics in your industry or related industries. Give short tutorials or free guides. Focus on showing yourself as an expert in your field. Then sprinkle in a few blog posts about your gigs every now and then. This will work MUCH better if you decide to go the Adwords route later.

Adwords is another beast entirely. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you happen to have $25 or $50 you’re willing to part with (without any guarantees). I’ve had some really nice success with Adwords in general, though I haven’t yet tried it for my gig. Plan on setting up in a few days and then maybe I can share the experience so others can see if it might be worth it for them.

@newopp - You’re welcome, and you’re right - it’s a good idea to study up on Adwords first before diving in. Just knowing the difference in a few settings can determine whether you end up overpaying or not. I’ve never been in a position to make Google tons of money by using Adwords, and in many cases I did feel as if they ignored me (particularly when I needed support). Then again, I’ve also had some really good experiences (i.e. I spent $25 to make $240 - not perfect but not bad either). It really depends on too many factors to say how it will turn out for each person. Having a well-planned and well-optimized site with lots of high-quality content is key from my experience.


Reply to @guruofbacklinks: Thanks again. I will try to do the free press releases and guest blogging. Making a website is waste of time as it is impossible to rank it for photoshop-related terms. There are authority sites everywhere. I am also thinking of making some youtube videos and try to rank them for buyer keywords. Let’s hope for the best.

I do have other income sources, but I want to make it big on fiverr, because here I earn doing what I love doing i.e photoshopping. Its my passion. If I can make it my profession, it would be awesome :wink:


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Reply to @avi619: hey look man dont get disturbed. When i started fiverr i was at the same stage. But you know what all you need is just get 5-6 orders just after creating your gig. This will keep you gig on top pages of fiverr and clients will reach you automatically. Just chill. I have not yet triet blogging and press releases. However if you are going to do that do tell me how to do Free press releases. Because i made a mistake of suspending my gig and now after activating im exactly in the condition in which you are right now.


Reply to @vedmak: I’ve used Hostgator in the past with mixed reviews. Great support, inexpensive services and I never had any security or down time issues with them. They could often be a bit slow though (it was shared hosting after all), and some tasks weren’t as simple or straight forward as I’ve known them to be with other hosts. I usually recommend them for the few web design clients I have that trickle in.

I personally use only WP Engine now for my sites. Just finished the move from Godaddy and will NEVER look back! They even tried to bully me right at the end, threatening to take down my site before it was fully moved over. Granted I was 1 day late on my hosting payment, but they’ve never taken down any site of mine (or a client’s) after only 1 day of being overdue…and I really wasn’t keen on paying for a whole month knowing that I was right in the middle of switching from them altogether. I’ll stick with them for my domains, but never again for hosting!


Reply to @avi619: Hmmm, I wouldn’t be too sure about a website being a waste of time. Trust me, I know how competitive the industry is for photoshop-related services and products (my fiance is a very wonderful self-taught graphic designer). I also imagine that there are lots of authority sites. The thing is that ranking a website isn’t as cut and dry (thanks to recent algorithm updates) as being able to rank for specific keywords. A lot of factors go into ranking. Keywords are just a part of the process, and a part that has a lot of its own variables at that.

When I feel that I can’t rank for a competitive keyword I really want, and create a workaround for variations or long tail versions of that keyword. Actually works very well, and it’s more of what Google likes to see anyway. Definitely try the other free methods first, but I suggest revisiting the website option at a later time when you have time to research and spare on putting it up.

The YouTube videos are a good idea, and can be fairly easy to rank when you put solid effort into the title, description etc. They’ve also added in tools to help choose the best tags & keywords from a video sharing site perspective. Their ranking system is very different from their general search engine, so keep that in mind. Good luck! Do let us know how it turns out. :slight_smile:


Reply to @bniaxee: Hey. The main problem IS getting those 5-6 orders. I am trying, constantly thinking of new ideas.

If I do those things, I will surely message you on how I did it :slight_smile:


Reply to @guruofbacklinks: I am going to upload the same videos that I use on my gig, onto Youtube. I know Youtube SEO pretty well, and I am sure I can rank for longtail keywords on Google too. I am just busy with some stuff right now, but in a few days, I will do it full-fledged.