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Not show buyer request11

Everyone how to show Buyer request in my profile I cannot see any Buyer request
I am a new be…
And please tell me some tricks and tips any one


Go to dashboard>more>buyer request… hope you will get now.

As a new seller, the buyer request is not always in your profile.
Go to dashboard >> more >> buyer request and check it in the ( morning, afternoon, evening and let night ).
Hope you will get the buyer request and try to active fiverr as much as possible.
Good luck :slight_smile:

hi a good suggestion for you that is:
Do One Thing, that is find some real people and the real buyers from your social media. and promote your gig to them. they will come to your gig and will buy your gig. if you bring a client to Fiverr, then Fiverr will give you many orders. that’s it :slight_smile:

go to dashboard and select right side than you see profile now you select profile u see buyer request than u click this… you need to be online more and more and you can see a buyer request