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Not showing fiverr forum reply

i cant see fiverr forum reply from anyone


What you can see ? Can you take a screenshot of this post ? Can you see my reply? I checked your forum user settings, all seems to be ok.

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see your reply is showing…but previous comment i cant see

That post was edited (changed category, Forum level 3 and above can edit posts) . There isn’t any reply to that post. You received notification for that edit.

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so all of this is was edited?
i mean no one reply in this post?

That is correct, the arrow indicates replies and the pencil indicates edits. You’ll also see quotes and tags (@).

This should help you for where you should post your threads:
. FORUM GUIDE - Where to post, what to post, what's in the categories?


if the pencil indicate edits? why other profile name showing in this ? i mean where i mark

The username indicates who made the action. The same as with likes and replies.