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Not showing Gigs Order

Hi Everyone,
I have successfully complete 5 Orders and have nice review. But my all (5) orders are not showing in my Gig panel. Last two orders only show. Can you please tell me what is the reason?

@jeewel :neutral_face: Many people are facing this problem. But, Maybe your recent buyers chose to not make them public.

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Recent orders are showing. Previous 3 orders not showing which is shown few days ago.

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@jeewel I repeat again, " Maybe your recent buyers chose to not make them public.

However, try to do this steps for resolving;

  1. Try to logout your profile and again login.
  2. Clear your browser cache.

Maybe these way will help you otherwise contact CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Thank You
DHAKA, BANGLADESH :bangladesh:

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Hi @jeewel,

I can see all of your reviews in your profile. No one is missing.

Maybe your talking about of what is showcasing on your “clipping path and background removal” gig.

If you put your mouse over the stars, you’ll see the amount of reviews you have on that gig by period. As can see, the 2 reviews you feel are missing are in the gig’s lifetime.

Fiverr’s new policy is to display only gig’s reviews of the last 60 days.

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Thank you so much for your information.

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Oh! I see. That means last sixty days orders will show in my gig. Previous order not be shown.
Thanks for your valuable information.

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