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Not showing my gig


My any gig is not showing when i search. I searched with full title gig name. I was select online status, price range, delivery time, editing type,newest arrival . I searched every page but i did not find my gig.


Often doesn’t work as it should.

Try doing your search without it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fiverr bot must have flagged your Image or a word they don’t want in their platform.

Try changing your gig image first.
I wish you the very best.


If a seller has an image which Fiverr is unsure about they tend to send the seller a message rather then hide the gig from the search.


Quick heads up: in your Gig description, you’ve included a shortened link that leads to a Behance profile. Fiverr doesn’t like shortened links, and Behance isn’t on Fiverr’s list of approved websites.

I don’t think this is why you’ve encountered your problem, but it’s worth fixing.


Thank you all for your information.


How can i understand fiverr flagged me? Fiverr did not send me any message. #freshy01


Can you try also to search in bottom search Tags of your gigs


in that case you haven’t been flagged. :slightly_smiling_face:

The search filters are notoriously buggy.


you contact for cs after 24 hours reply your message


i was try to search your gigs it’s ok show your gigs you can search with 5 search tags ok


Hi Buddy, Try my idea and let me know what happens then.

  1. Open your profile and open your gig(targeted one) in different windows

  2. Then continuously refresh after 30 seconds

  3. open another tab and search with your gig title or keywords

  4. Click online status in the left side of the search tab

  5. you will find your gig in the list for sure

100% guarantee
Tell me if it’s work I know it will work have to work
Have a nice day . thanks


Thanks. Now it is working


But it is not showing my all gig.