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Not showing online sellers

My gig is not showing online in “Show online seller” even I am online. I tried everything (clear cache, restart browser, restart laptop, change browser etc)


You’re not alone!


I’m new Level 2 seller. After stopping this feature, my business down badly. I’ve already communicated with customer support. They have marked my ticket as “Solved” without proving any solution. If Fiverr will not continuing this feature. A few serious seller face will face losses like me.
:persevere: :sad: :confused:

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It hasn’t stopped. It is an ongoing intermittent problem affecting everyone.

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The same with me :frowning:

Can you tell us? How can you confirm?

If you want to confirm whether or not you are actually online click on your profile icon at the top of the Fiverr main page and then click on settings.

i’m tired of reading this solution. okay listen i;m showing online after clicking on settings, but still now showing online when selecting filter in search results for “online sellers” for my own specific category, while i’m online and showing online everywhere not just in search results…
please guide now?