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Not so good so far

I started a gig on teaching Maya. I did my first lesson a week or so ago and got 5 ratings. I am pretty happy about that.

Than, I got another order. Talked with the buyer and set up a time to teach the lesson as usual. On the schedule time, when the lesson is to happen. The buyer did not show up. I waited and send him two messages. Than, on my Fiverr account, I got a message:


And now, I am at 50% completely rating due to no fault of mine…great!

Your gig states that “Zoom is required for all lessons”. Do you have permission from Fiverr to be communicating off Fiverr? If not, then, technically, the cancellation could be your fault, and Fiverr may have cancelled it because off-site communication is against the rules of Fiverr.


Yes I do. I have teach a lesson on it already and have zero problem doing so. I have also done some research on the:


It seem to be a paypal loophole

Having done so, without specific permission, is NOT permission granted by Fiverr. You will have to contact them, and ask directly. Do not assume that you can break the rules. All communication MUST remain on Fiverr. That is one of the most important rules on this site. Please read the TOS to know what is and is not allowed on Fiverr.

That doesn’t sound like a loophole at all. That message is only provided if Fiverr specifically takes action, and intentionally cancels an order. They clearly – and intentionally – cancelled that order.


you are so right. I am just waiting for Fiverr to ban me. Any day now.

Here is some fun read:

please stop ass-uming, but thank you anyway :innocent:

If you don’t abide by the site rules, they might. Please ask for permission, or find a way to offer the service on Fiverr – so that all communication remains on-site.

This is inappropriate. Please be more respectful.


I just spent 15 minutes combing the ToS for you to see if there was some loophole or gray area about communication “as necessary” off of Fiverr.

There isn’t one. The ToS is explicit about order communication - you aren’t even allowed to ask someone for their Zoom info, let alone use it to call them.

The ToS also states that anyone who communicates outside of Fiverr will not be protected by the ToS.

I totally understand that the order page is clunky and can be limiting/frustrating, but it’s not worth risking your account over.