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Not stabled at all

Fiverr told me that my gig needs modification because we are not allowed to exchange private emails like phone numbers and emails. So I was like fair enough and removed it. Then talk about uploading the clips (it was a video editing gig) to Dropbox. Apparently that’s not allowed so I completely removed it. My gig then said nothing about exchanging emails or any other private information. But then all of a sudden, Fiverr deleted my gig!

I just want to say that Fiverr is not stabled at all!

If you would have read the ToS like ONCE all of this could have been avoided. You could simply upload your video to the gig’s gallery.

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I don’t understand what you’re trying to say

He complains about gig policies, but hasn’t read the rules once.

Suggest you read the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the main page.

One can only used some verified links in fiverr
It doesn’t allow even behance link

That’s not a solution, the 150mb file size is a problem.

You could always simply render the video.

?? What does that even mean? I always render the video to export it -.- What has that to do with file size?

Some Codecs reduce the video size. For example H264.

I already export in h264. They are invariably over 150mb. And the codec has nothing to do with render anyway. And it reduces quality, high end clients would like their projects in prores.

I think you are able to use YouTube links in your gigs. You could upload it there.

There’s no advantage in uploading to youtube comparing to sending a wetransfer/file mail link. If Fiverr doesn’t want people contacting each other outside of fiverr, sharing on youtube is not a solution at all, as you can contact me through the channel. Not to mention that the youtube compression is far from ideal if you’re aiming for quality.

The thing is that I completely removed the contact information then it was active then suddenly it got denied.

Simple. Use WinRar and archive the files in to split volumes of 145 MB and send the files individually. Let the customer know beforehand that you’re sending it in pieces and that winrar is needed.

Will you pay me for the extra work and time? Each minute my computer spends compressing files is a minute it can’t spend rendering/exporting other projects.

Love the sarcasm. If you’re not capable of handling it then you have the right to decline :wink:

I won’t be wasting cpu cycles to split files, sorry. As an end user I’m always pissed off when I download something and it comes in separate chunks anyway, forcing me to waste time extracting it. Compression can be useful if it reduces file size, but just breaking a file into multiple files that, when combined, are the same size? Pointless and wasteful. Thanks but no thanks.

You don’t seem like a guy who want’s to take options. If nothing helps then get the files specially compressed by a professional by paying them and upload it.

No need, I already have my solution. Filemail or wetransfer, thanks ^^ I think you’re a bit late to the conversation lol