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Not Sure How I Feel About the Seller Analytics Update


For the most part, it’s actually pretty amazing and extremely in-depth. So I’d say I love it but…

I’m getting hung up on this: The “Orders Completed” rate (a.k.a. “Orders completed without cancellations in the last 60 days.”) Mostly because it takes mutual cancellations into account. When you mouse over that section, it also says, “Order completion impacts your business.” On a surface level, I understand why it would and should, but I honestly don’t think those mutual cancellations should count. I can’t tell you how many times buyers ordered the wrong thing, don’t provide adequate info, or are relatively unresponsive, so I’m not left with much of a choice… I have to send a cancellation request their way. If not, I risk that dreadful “late” status, even though it’s NOT late.

The Order Resolution Center has more options now which is wonderful, but say you need to extend the delivery time due to the buyer not getting the info to you in a timely manner… The order timer still counts down, so if the buyer doesn’t approve the request in time, you’re again faced with it being marked as “late.” This would then unfairly and negatively impact your “Delivered on Time” rate.

I’m at 93% (for Orders Completed) now which isn’t terrible, but it’s such a let-down because I (as well as other fellow sellers) work super hard and there is no real way around certain cancellations. Anytime there has been a work-around, I’ve tried it and saved the sale. But for those other instances, it looks like the seller will be penalized. That seems a bit flawed to me. And it’s a bit of a mystery if this percentage will impact your placement in search results.

I know, I know… the world isn’t fair—the e-world included. But this is the ranting pot so I’m entitled to this rant, right? :smiley:

Does anyone else have an issue with this? Or maybe you completely agree with it. Whatever the case, feel free to share your thoughts.



I may not be a fan of that aspect of Analytics, but I can still empathize with fiverr. This was probably set in place to keep sellers from abusing the cancellation feature. Maybe I’ll think twice before sending a cancellation request the next time around and it can really force me to come up with a better solution. But I highly doubt I can avoid not being cornered forever…

I thought this was a good tactic for a while: If the buyer is completely unresponsive and doesn’t accept the cancellation, let the fiverr team know so they can cancel it for you on their end. I thought that would mean the cancellation “wouldn’t count.” Well, from what I gather, it still does and it actually may be worse than just allowing it to automatically cancel on its own. I’m not sure…

At any rate, this is making me feel less free as a seller. For those of us who use the cancellation option as a last-resort tool, we should not have to face negative consequences. But who has the time to look at every single cancellation to determine if it should negatively impact one’s account or not?

Alas, this is just something we’ll have to deal with for the time being…


If you watched the video that intros the analytics, you would hear her say “Cancellation is not good” (in layman’s terms).

Amongst the discussions we were having regarding this in the other thread, I think this maybe a step towards ANY kind of cancellation being counted as a negative factor towards your gig performance in the future. This may sound like a complete conspiracy, heck I will say myself, this is a wild speculation, but all roads are seemingly leading to “Rome” otherwise.

Fiverr’s taking a walk in a certain direction, whether it is good for them and bad for us, only :clock: will tell.


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I might be missing something, but as long as it applies to everybody it will work out in the wash.

We all have a few mutual cancellations, and if you’re doing enough some buyers will cancel, you’ll cancel on a few.

Fiverr is going to do everything they can to reduce cancellations. A cancelled order makes both buyers and sellers unhappy most of the time. Not an issue by me. I cancel when needed, but it’s rare overall.

That said, I’m focusing on doing a great job where I can, and if someone cancels or I need to cancel on someone, I’ll do it. If everybody has 2% (or 5%) mutual cancellations, then I’ll be normal and it can’t do me more harm than the others.

If my cancellations are 12% and most of my category is at 3%, then it will hurt me.

But everybody in every category is going to have some, so it only hurts me if I’m worse than the average of my peers.

Maybe I’m missing something.


It all depends on each person’s personal experience. I don’t think you’re missing anything, really.

It’s just upsetting to be penalized (even if it’s barely noticeable) for something that’s out of someone’s control.

Maybe some people don’t get a lot of unresponsive buyers. For whatever reason, I do. I want to feel confident that the tools I’m using won’t negatively impact my account.

I’m well aware that they’re trying to reduce cancellations as much as possible. I get it… But at what cost? I suppose there is no completely-fair solution.