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Not sure I like where they put the 'People Who Bought This Also Bought'


I feel having this moved to above the ratings section affects sales for the seller who got the buyer to their site in the first place. Was good where it was, but now you are basically saying…‘TRY THESE GIGS INSTEAD’.

Let the buyer find that after they read the ratings. Putting it before distracts a potential buyer to go spend elsewhere, despite ratings because they never even see the OUTSTANDING RATINGS.

Bad move in my opinion.

Anyone else notice this?



I’m not thrilled with it either.


Yup the placement is horrible. At the bottom would be fine


Would rather have my ‘Other Gigs from this seller’ there, would increase multiple orders and gig extras in my opinion.


After not being very active here for many months, I figured I’d see if anything has improved over the past few weeks. Wow. Totally the opposite. This place has gotten even more ridiculous! I strongly suspect the ONLY thing Fiverr cares about at this point is attracting new sellers at any cost. My theory is they have a target number and when they reach that the site will be sold. They’re only concerned with making it look good instead of making it work well.

Of course, whoever would have a big enough bank account would know that it’s the equivalent of painting a house with a bad foundation.

I know some people make decent money here and that it doesn’t really matter how that happens, but my mind absolutely boggles at how incredibly poorly this place is run from a business point of view. It just goes to show how presenting the idea of making money easily will bring hundreds of thousands breaking down the door to get in. That accounts for the new users, but I just can’t get my head around what makes the dissatisfied people stick it out.


I was just about to make a thread complaining about this. I think that most sellers have gigs that compliment the others I think it is extremely unfair for a buyer to see someone elses gig before yours on your own page…

as if everyones conversion rate wasent low enough…


Reply to @itsyourthing: lack of competitors my guess


umm anyone else notice that they are gone??? did they actualy listen to us…


Reply to @matt_garry: WOW! They not only moved em, but moved em out completely! I wonder what sparked that change? I wasn’t saying to take them off completely, but to move them to the bottom, because trust me, I would like my gigs on someone elses pages. :slight_smile: lol.

We’ll see what they have planned as I’m sure they won’t just do away with it completely. Either way, I think a fix was necessary.

dtongsports said: We'll see what they have planned as I'm sure they won't just do away with it completely

Yep, time will tell.