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Not sure if content violates TOS

Late last night, a potential buyer began messaging me about doing a video for him. I fell asleep and woke up to an order. I’m not sure if the content of this order is in violation of the TOS and could potentially get me kicked off of Fiverr (I really want to build an income source here over the summer that I can carry into the school year). I make explainer videos, and he wants a video about being able to last longer in bed. Am I in danger of being banned if I decide to do his order? If I am in danger, what can I do about the 1 order that he already requested?

@misscrystal , thank you for your warm welcome. I’m glad to be here, and I think that G Fiverr is a great place for me. :slight_smile:

From the Fiverr TOS:

:black_medium_small_square:Posting or sending adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected, promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account blocked permanently.

The problem with this is that “adult” stuff is completely undefined! And what that is varies widely from person to person.

Honestly, I think it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to stand (or maybe you should sit?) in front of the camera, talking about how to um ‘stand erect’ for a long time. I don’t even know if you’re a man or a woman, which changes how to word the instructions you give. You could contact CS and see what they have to say, but since the TOS is so vague on this area, I doubt they could be more specific. I think it’s really going to be up to you whether or not this is something you want to do.

Hi Celticmoon,

Thanks for your response. I wouldn’t come right out and say anything as I make animated explainer videos (I was thinking of a buff guy lifting weights vs another one who can barely lift a small dumbell, or a long distance runner vs one who gets winded after 100m, something like that). The issue is my possibly getting kicked off of Fiverr over this. I sent CS a message yesterday around the time I post this. I haven’t heard anything back as of yet. I guess I should give it a couple of days and if I hear nothing I can try again.

Thanks for answering. :slight_smile:

Chances are if you hadn’t bought it to their attention, Fiverr would never have known. However, as long as it does not show an actual erect you know what… (or one at all) it shouldn’t be a problem. They show worse than this on television commercials…

@explainerama I think your idea is great! It truly fits the customer’s general criteria, and animations are NOT being coerced into doing things they aren’t comfortable with! :">

And what @blackfolder1 says is true: they show more skin on TV commercials than would need to be revealed (even by an animated character) to make this video~ :smiley:

Thanks @blackfolder1 and @celticmoon. Coming from a couple of Level 2 sellers, I do feel better about this. I just don’t want a cancellation and I still want to make the client happy. They still haven’t replied back yet, so I guess it isn’t that big of a deal to them.


Your gig title says,

  • "I will create a unique 1 minute explainer video for $5"

    Your gig description says,
  • For $85 (17 GIGS) you get:
  • 1 Minute explainer video
  • 1 Minute of Royalty free music
  • 1 Minute of professional voice over
  • 1 minute script (if needed- 150 words)

    What does a a Buyer get for $5 ?

Reply to @voiceoverwork: i just saw this, i dont think this should be allowed on descriptions because then whats the point of reaching level 1 and 2 ?

If non level users are offering a “17 gig” option on description, they cheat the system and go up.

but i agree, what does a buyer get for $5 ?

A cookie?

also 45 orders in queded are you kidding me?

I wouldn’t think it would be a problem if you did it with taste, not in a prurient way. And congratulations on getting 45 orders in your first 9 days on fiverr!

biancha said: but i agree, what does a buyer get for $5 ?

The gig description has been updated to say 5 seconds of video for $5.

Problem is the Gig URL says "create-a-unique-1-minute-explainer-video". It's misleading.

Wow! If I charged $5.00 for 5 seconds, I’d be a very rich man! Or a very poor one…lol

@voiceoverwork , I’m not really sure what I can do about the URL, I did change the name of my gig.

@Blackfolder1 with your track record, maybe you should think about raising your rates. You are a Level 2 seller. Don’t sell yourself short. :slight_smile:

explainerama said: I'm not really sure what I can do about the URL, I did change the name of my gig.

Yeah you can't change the URL. That's there from when you originally set up the gig.

It creates a conflict when you change title or description. The gig URL says, 1 minute explainer video, title says, custom explainer, and description says 5 seconds.