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Not sure if I should reject a buyer

So I got a message from a buyer regarding one of my gigs.
He didn’t really explain much, and then ask “can you help?”, and immediately after he added “I hope your skill is good”. The buyer is from an English speaking country, yet their English level is marked as Basic. Although the buyer has a handful of reviews.
I kinda get a weird vibe out of his messages. I can just say I can’t help and let him find someone else, or I can go along with it, and try to help him out, though I’m not quite sure (yet) what he wants. Is it too risky to deal with such a buyer?


Always listen to your “weird vibes”!


Your 1st instinct is normally the right one. Reject him now before you waste time. What he said sounds rather arrogant and I don’t like people like him.

Where they are located has no baring on writing skills. Many people in USA have atrocious writing.

Again, this means nothing. I’ve bought 100’s of gigs and 2x transactions, yet only have 3 reviews.


Many buyers don’t bother with their profiles, and just leave English as basic. That’s not a problem. However, if they want your help, but fail to provide you with enough information, that could be a problem. And if, on top of that, they question your skill, that’s definitely suspicious.

I mean, it could all be innocent. They didn’t bother with their profile, their communication is simply clumsy, maybe someone disappointed them or did an awful job… But are you willing to take a risk?

One thing you could try is to check those sellers who left reviews, and see what kind of reviews the buyer left for them.


I agree with @lloydsolutions and @gina_riley2… listen to your instinct. It usually serves well!

I sometimes turn down orders by saying “Sorry, I’m too busy. Good luck finding the right person to work with” - just because I get a sense that the buyer could be trouble.

You will thank yourself for the peace of mind that it brings.