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Not sure if something is wrong, or if this just happens when you hit level 1 seller?

Good afternoon all!

I didn’t want to put this in “bugs” as I’m not really sure if it is a bug…? I made it to Level 1 Seller the other day, and after that happened, I noted that my buyer requests area started acting strange.

I’m still seeing the recent ones post, same amount as I’m accustomed to, but there’s also 500-odd older ones from earlier this month and last month. I’ve been slowly clearing them out of any that I’m absolutely not interested in, but I’ve not been replying to any of the older ones as I was afraid I might be wasting my 10 replies per day on them…

Just wondering if this is normal, or if something has gone wrong here?


I can’t say if it’s normal but for me it was the same. When I got promoted to level one, I could see all buyer request back to June I think. In the end, I clicked quite a bit that day! :wink:

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Well, I’m “glad” it’s not just me then,? Haha, thanks!

… if this is what happens when you hit level 1, hitting level 2 should be interesting!

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Yeah, who knows? Fiverr is constantly tweaking things, so maybe this is just a glitch?

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Hello! I had the same issues when I got my Level 1 badge. All you need to do is manually delete the old ones. Just locate “delete request” beside “send offer.” That does it. It may take some time but it’s worth it. You sure need new requests.

Best wishes!

Here’s something I also noticed,… when new requests are showing up, every time 2-3 old ones (from the deleted ones) come also back to life… strange!


Days after the fact, I’m finding the same thing happening again! I can’t keep my buyer requests area clean to save my life. I find it quite hindering as it’s taking longer to find fresh ones that I want to respond to, therefore my productivity and number of orders/messages are taking a hit. Grr…