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Not Sure What Category for getting help organizing thoughts into a manual

Hi All,

I have a collection of thoughts paragraphs for that will one day be a manual. I need help organizing the ideas and polishing the words. When I look in writing , I see people wanting to write a manual. Should I be looking in editing? It seems editing is more for grammar.
What can you reccomend?

Thank ya!~


You can use gramarly

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@intellitrance You can use grammarly extension . It will be help you.

First, you should hire a proofreader/editor to make sure all of your content is spelled correctly, the grammar is accurate, and the sentences flow. Make sure to ask if the person also can help you organize your paragraphs.

Grammarly free will find some of the errors, but Grammarly Premium will discover more. However, those programs are not a substitute for someone who manually proofreads your work.

After your text has been proofread, then you can hire a seller to make your manual. Good luck.

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You see… THIS IS WHY I LOVE YOU GUYS thank you