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Not sure what Fiverr is upto!

Now, Let me start with little past story.
3 months ago, I posted a buyer’s request. The buyer request did follow the fiverr’s TOS. But it was declined by the system for some reason. The second it got declined email for my request, I also got a TOS warning on my account. I contacted CS and they said that it was a mistake. It was removed within few hours.

A month after that, The very same thing happened. My request got declined, I got TOS warning and it was removed.

Today, the same thing happened. I posted 1 request. It was declined, I immediately got the TOS warning on my account. I contacted the CS and got a response that it cannot be removed because I posted the same request twice which I never did and never will because I know TOS. When I checked in my request, there was duplicated request generated automatically. Now, I never created that request was generated by the site. On that point, now there is a TOS warning hammer on my account for something that I didn’t do. sigh

I have come to a point where I am getting punished by an AI. smh

I just have one question, is there a way to file a complaint on a Fiverr team rather than CS?
I want this matter to be looked into and fix it. I didn’t do it, I shouldn’t be punished for it!


The bots Fiverr is using do tend to get buggy and illogical from time to time.

I believe that the best course of action would be contacting the Customer Support’s technical department and telling them all about the issue. If the CS proves to be unable to help you, I believe you can ask to talk to the technical department directly (though I must say that Fiverr’s technical department is quite, well, let’s say… inefficient, and usually not really too quick to solve pressing issues, especially when they’re individual. Just look at @misscrystal and how she had to literally waste weeks dealing with a system generated paypal payment issue that was no fault of her own!).

They will most probably remove the warnings and fix the issue when they discover you didn’t make any ToS breaches.

Hope you’ll get this sorted out very soon, I wish you the best of luck!


Were you trying to buy something or show your services through Buyer Requests?

Hi Richard,
Glad to see you here.
About CS, They are also not efficient at all. I literally feel like I am talking to a bot because they just send me a message temperate every time. And now that I have described what really happened, they have stopped messaging me.

Thank you for your reply. I was clearly asking for service. Here is 100% copy of what I posted
I need Female voiceover for 2 scripts. British Accent required. The total word count is 375 words.

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That’s crazy - just thought I would ask.

I believe you are one of the moderator. What am I suppose to do now?

I can’t really answer this objectively and 100% logically because, well, I feel that if they ban one of my BEST and most amazing Buyers due to a BOT error, I’m getting seriously pissed off at this platform and its Support’s incompetence (which I rarely do).

I can understand that a system error can creep up on every company for a variety of reasons. Bot algorithms are made in such a way that sometimes the coding isn’t able to predict all situations and deal with them the right way.

This is why there are Customer Support employees who can individually look at every single issue the Bot created and react accordingly in order to fix it.

Providing Sellers and Buyers with templated responses, vague statements and “we have forwarded this to our technical department” scripted mails that always lead to nowhere is outrageous for a company of Fiverr’s reputation and size.

I know all about it first hand because I’ve had it happen to me several times.

Luckily for me, it was always with some minor, insignificant issues that I could live with.

There’s an “Edit your Gig before it can be posted” message staying there in my “Dashboard” since 2014, despite me doing the required task around 4 years ago? I can live with it, got so used to it that if it disappeared today I’d terribly miss it and contact the technical team to bring that glitch back.

Had issues with Gig Videos, content, trouble with updating from time to time and similar… But when it comes to getting ToS violation warnings to your account or not being able to get your hard earned money because of a multi-million dollar Company’s technical team incompetence, I fully understand how one can get seriously irritated.

I hope they’ll solve this asap after you provide the CS with screenshots & proof that the system is glitching out.

Best of luck, if I can help with anything, let me know!

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Since you have had this happen 3 times, I am guessing that there is an automated feature which checks to see if people posting on buyer requests are also sellers. (Because of all the spam.)

Sadly, if you have already went to CS with this, I can’t imagine that there really is anything you can do. - Aside from maybe not using buyer requests.

Contact some sellers directly and see what happens.

Sorry this happened to you. i would be upset too. At present, though, everything seems to be getting run by bots and… Well, yeah, it sucks. It sucks really really bad.


How do I contact the technical department? Is is also thought the CS page?

I don’t really know what to say to be honest.
I don’t have any idea why they would not see that you are clearly looking to buy.
Could you post some screenshots of what you have described here or send them in a PM to me if you prefer. If you do, I will pass it to someone else and ask them to look at it - it might not help but I would be happy to try.

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I understand that It was a bot’s mistake but what about CS. Can’t they look into it instead of sending me template message? I want a real human like interacting to solve this matter. Their templated behavior is not going to do anything for me.

Yes, you click the “Contact Support” link in Fiverr’s Home Page footer.

It prompts me to this link:

From there I get to choose what type of ticket I want to create under “Ticket Type”.

Choose “Bug” ticket category. All of the tickets sent through this section are forwarded to and handled by the technical team (at least what they told me).

Hope this works out soon!

Are you asking about the actual image of the buyer’s request or a screenshot of my communication with CS?

Both would be best