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Not Sure What To Do About This

Hello Fiverr people,

I am not sure what to do about this as there is no button to cancel this order.

About 2 weeks ago, I contacted this girl to draw a bunch of characters for me. Everything seemed to be going well, and then after the deadline approached, she sent me a bunch of random drawings that had nothing to do with the character concepts I sent her, and told me there were some health issues with her grandma that prevented her from drawing. I told her that was fine as real life takes priority over her drawing pictures for me on the internet.

I hit the revisions button and told her to take her time, and after that, no communication has been happening. It says the gig closes in 2 days from now. What happens if she doesn’t do the drawings? Does the money go back to me? Does the gig close and she gets the money even if she didn’t do the gig?

You can ask for a mutual cancellation. If she refuses and doesn’t deliver, you can contact support so they refund it. However, you should wait and see if she delivers first as she may really have had real life issues. If she doesn’t deliver in time, you can cancel the order.

Once a modification request is sent, how long do they have to do it? There is no time limit, it seems. The gig was started August 8. She sent me the random pix on August 11. I hit the request mod button the same night.

Maybe I have a suspicious mind, but if your buyer had any problem, she should have told you from the beginning. I don’t see any point in sending you some random drawings, and not a cancellation.
Of course, I don’t know if this would be the case, but some sellers tend to have families with the worst health in the world. I’d just cancel the order to get a refund.

Modification requests don’t have a specific deadline. The original order deadline continues from where it was the moment of the delivery, and when that time passes, the buyer gets a message with a link to cancel the order.

Well, the order is still there, with the sign saying “Rejected”. I went to the resolution tab next to the Activity tab, and there was this message:

This is what I see: You’ve requested that the seller modify your delivery over 21 days ago and haven’t heard back. You may go ahead and contact our Fiverr Support humans. They are very good at helping in situations like this. Tell them I sent you.

There is then a button there that says “View Requirements”. I hit it and it takes me back to the Activity tab.

So…how do I get a human to look into this?