Not Sure what to do with bad buyers like this


A buyer submitted an order days ago and I delivered exactly what he requested he even asked modifications and I delivered them as well mean time he has purchased another order with 0 information I tried to contact him several times but no respond then I opened a dispute saying no information because time is running. he agreed to cancel that order when he came online also trying to cancel delivered order as well saying my work is poor this is very frustrating because he said he reported me to CS because I declined his cancel request I tried to talk to him to solve but he seems doesn’t like to that he is surely lying about this!

what should I do now? cancel ?


Hello, sorry you are going through this. They are not allowed to cancel based on poor quality of work and it does look like you did what he requested. You can message customer support that you did exactly what he asked for and do not want to cancel.


Yes I opened a ticket explaining everything will see what will happen Thanks for the reply!