Not sure what to do


One of my buyers is being quite slow to actually provide me with the details I need to complete the gig.

I have 1 day left to complete the gig (despite requiring up to 5 days to work on it!). I hear that cancelling gigs affects seller ratings, so would it be best to just mark the gig as complete near the completion time and just ask them to send me over the info when they’re ready or whatever?


If he cancels, then you can tell customer support and they will look into it and see that he never updated details :slight_smile:


Thing is they replied to my message a few hours ago - not so much providing me with any actual details for the job, just to apologise and asking if I was still OK to do the work… lol


My most recent experience: One fine day I got an order in my silhouette gig from a buyer called: musicforchange4. He sent the instructions very roughly, did not even bother to care about caps and full stops. All sentences merged as one single and everything is caps. :frowning: I had doubt about a few things, so I asked him. He did not reply. I started with the available info. and sent him an update message to show how the images are coming. He did not reply. When I delivered with a promise to revise/modify/re-design and redeliver in case his requirements were not met, he sent a message how he wanted it to be and immediately posted a negative feedback!

Posting of a feedback marks the order as complete and payment goes to clearing, so I cannot cancel the order myself. Also my gig rating fell to 75% from 100%! my gig extras are stopped for silhouette gig. Now fiverr needs his consent in order to remove the negative feedback! NEVER work with incomplete requirements. You will get many chances to earn money but once you get a negative feedback, it cannot be removed.


Hi Greyhound,

I have had this experience several times already. If you request a cancellation and the buyer does not accept it, you can go through customer service (submit a ticket with an explanation of what happened) and they will cancel the order for you, without it affecting your rating. Make sure you do this before the gig is due! If the buyer has left you with insufficient time to complete the gig, cancel it and have them re-order to provide you with the time you need to complete it without having a late order. A buyer cannot leave feedback on a cancelled order.

Hope this helps!



How I deal with this situation, all depends on the vibe I get from the buyer (basically, if they are friendly).

If they are friendly, I mark the gig as complete, telling them something along the lines of:

“I am temporary marking this gig as complete, to stop my delivery times being effected. When you are ready to proceed, please send me the details and I’ll get right on it”.

If they aren’t so friendly or abrupt, I leave the gig open and wait from them to respond. If they cancel before they give the information you require, you simply need to message customer support to point this out, and the negative will be removed.

I only mark a gig as complete if the buyer is friendly, otherwise you leave yourself open to a negative, thinking you have robbed them or something (which would be harder to have removed).


They seem friendly enough but I have just decided to err on the side of caution and requested a ‘mutual’ cancellation, I’ve asked them to accept it and then re-buy my gig again once they are ready to submit the gig details to me.

I did think of just marking it as complete but I reckon that would open up a whole can of worms - and even if they were still OK about it all, I’d be expected to drop other work I’m doing and work on their stuff instead when they did eventually give me the required information (whenever that would be!), which would obviously cause problems for my other customers.


By the way - do mutual cancellations negatively impact your ratings or seller level like forced cancellations do?


Reply to @greyhound12:

They do not effect your rating (in regards to your visible percentage), but can have an impact on your levels. No matter the cancellation type (mutual, forced, late, by support etc), a high number will effect you


Ahh OK. I had to cancel two other orders (also mutual) recently because the buyer changed his mind 8-| so this one will make cancellation #3 this month… Oh well.