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Not Sure Whether To Cancel an Order for a New Website

Hello. I hired someone on Fiverr who had tons of five star reviews to do a website for me. I didn’t want to do WordPress, but they talked me into it. They’ve been working on it, and there have been some language barrier communications issues. I checked the link to one of the pages this morning, and it lead me to an adult entertainment site. I would check my site one time, and then another and sometimes it would go to my site and then to a random other site. Long story short, I reached out to my host who said my WordPress was infected with Malware and that I would have to pay money to get the malware off my site. Since my web developer is the only person who has had access to the site, they had to have put the malware on there, even if unknowingly. I told them what happened, and their response was, what do you want on your next page. I’ve dealt with all kinds of issues with them, and I’m trying to be patient, I’m ready to end this order, because now I’m going to have to spend more money to fix this problem, or scrap my website and start over for a third time, since I scrapped my last one to do the WordPress. Any advice on how to approach this situation and end this order?


Cancel the order and ask a refund. The seller sounds like a crook, he doesn’t even acknowledge your malware issue, apparently. That alone is reason to ask for a refund.

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Explain to him first to solve this problem. If that doesn’t work out, cancel the order and report back to him. I am a Seller. But I am still asking to report to another seller because Honesty and Client Satisfaction are important to me.

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Check this out:

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They’ve completed most of the work, but this order has been such as hassle, extended, putting the hacking problem back on me, but they’ve completed most of the site. I just want to end the job. I don’t have a problem paying them for the project. I just want to be free from this order so I can move on.

Sorry to hear about this, customer services will 100% help you out with this issue. If there is anything i can do to help. Please let me know. Thanks, Andrew

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The seller refuses the cancel the order and wants to fix the problem supposedly. I have had them refuse to cancel the order twice. How do I speak with Fiverr about this?

Cancel the order through Customer Support and report the seller.

This redirects are fairly common when they use nulled (cracked) themes and plugins.

Those redirects fortunately are the ones that are easy to spot, but there are several others which are just there and you’d wouldn’t know as easily, but still could make your website, and therefore visitors, vulnerable.

More often than nothing when I’m brought into a project because the previous (cheaper) seller didn’t delivery it, that’s what I find…either because the seller prices are too cheap, or the seller themselves are too cheap to fork ~50-60 to buy the actual theme/plugin.

You’ll have to scrape everything that was done so far and start from scratch so there’s no reason to pay for any of it, moreover the seller did jeopardize your brand and visitors by installing a nulled third party theme/plugin that you don’t have the license for.

The information above should be enough to scare the seller into canceling the order. They know what they did, once they figure you too know I think they’d be smart enough to cut their losses. I’d still report them though, even if they agree to the cancelation.

Good luck


Create a support ticket here!!
Link !!

No need to pay anything. You are not responsible for the malware.

Immediately change the login information such as password etc until things are resolved. Don’t let your developer access the website for the time-being.

Given!! (keep us posted)

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Not true at all. She’ll have to pay to her host or someone else to get rid of the malware.

And technically she’s responsible for giving access to a person who have infected their install.

It’s not the seller asking for payment to remove it, it’s her host.

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If the order stands cancelled, she won’t be able to use the work done by the developer/seller to till date whether 1% or 99% or 100%. If the funds are returned to the buyer, she can’t use the work or let someone else to continue from what’s already delivered. It won’t happen unless the developer doesn’t file a DMCA claim which will make the host to remove everything (whatever objectionable/copyrighted material) mentioned in the claim. She will have to prove the ownership of the material in someway or the other which is not possible for the buyer after receiving the funds.

The cancellation request was twice declined by the seller. In simple terms: She doesn’t want the seller to continue the work. Fiverr assistance is needed.

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You don’t seem to understand how a malware works so there’s no point discussing this any further.

Removing the files that originally carried the malware does not remove the malware itself.

She will have to it herself or pay someone else (her host for example) to do it. As simple as that.

If I’m renting you a house and you let someone in and they damage the property it would still be your responsibility to have it fixed.

That’s between the buyer and her host and it has absolutely nothing to do with Fiverr, DMCA, ownership of any of the other things you’ve mentioned.

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Thanks so much. How do I report them? How do I get someone to fix the redirects and garbage code?

Does this seem like carelessness/incompetence on the seller’s part, or intentional?

I’d open a ticket with customer support and explain then the situation as it’d be easier for them to track the whole conversation. They’d most likely refund you the order and either give the a warning or ban the seller.

It’s harsh but if you’re 100% sure they were the only one to work on your server so it’s fair to assume they are at fault here.

You can open a ticket here:

For peace of mind, which seems what you need now, I’d just hire the host themselves. Their markup is always higher but at least it would get done with no extra frustration.

You could also message sellers on the main site and see if they could help you with that, or if you can wait till tomorrow I’d be able to assist you as well.

Id say 99% of the time is pure incompetence. They sell you a website and then Google a pre-made template that they can edit just about enough, if you’re lucky, to pass as their own work.

That’d be fine if they bought a license for the theme, but they go to websites who have “free” cracked themes, which almost always carry those malwares…and you find yourself in the situation you are now.

Good luck!