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Not talented but kind of funny i guess ( New User )

Hey everybody,
I’m new and i just want to say hi to some of you.
I don’t have any talent as most of the people on fiverr but i tried my best to make something out of it.

I’m sorry that i have to ‘advertise’ myself like this but i don’t have any friends so this is my best bet.
( Ok i have 3-4 friends but depends which day it is.)

Maybe i can help some of you with some of this entertainment that i can give to you.
Have a nice day tho :wink:


It might be a good idea to check the gig is okay with CS since they removed the pranks & stunts category.


What can you do for me? What do you offer?

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Hi there @ieatbananas, muhahaha such a funny name :rofl: Firstly, welcome to the forum, glad you joined the family. :smiley: Don’t you worry you’re not the only NOT talented seller here, this also includes me. I’m 24 years old and still haven’t figured out what my talent really is.:joy: One thing is for sure, I love bananas, and maybe eating bananas is my talent? :rofl::joy: So we do have something in common :rofl:

Well don’t you worry, I am your friend like everyone else here, so a huge welcome to you to the family ‘‘Le Grande!’’ :rofl: I will check your gig out later… busy with a project at the moment but I will get back to ASAP!!

Banana man and your friend Humberto


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welcome to our community :grinning::grinning:


Something legal probably :sweat_smile: :face_with_monocle:

Thanks for the warm welcome :))

Thanks :slight_smile: