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Not the average fivver gig click to find out why

So yea I’m new here and my post is probably going to be really low down and no one is going to see it, but anyway I’m not the average seller i would say im the best graphic designer at my price range for this site if you don’t believe me click on my site


In your gig video, you mentioned that you were open to interacting with clients on Discord.

I am sorry to say but this :arrow_up: is a sure-fire way of getting your gigs removed and/or getting permanently banned from Fiverr. Interacting with clients outside of Fiverr is against Fiverr’s ToS (unless you have obtained express permission from CS before you created the gig).

I’d recommend that you read Fiverr’s ToS carefully and edit out that part of the gig video (also, do not communicate with buyers outside of Fiverr). Here’s the link to Fiverr’s ToS:

Good luck! :ear_of_rice:

well thats really stupid but okay il sort that out

well i fixed it :slight_smile:

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That’s their policy. They provide most sellers the majority of their sales. Gotta remember that they are Fiverr’s customers, not yours. That’s the way it’s looked at unfortunately, agree or not.

but nearlly other selling site cant name them allow you to name other services

There is no point trying to reason with, or argue against these rules. Fiverr is the owner, you are just a user. They can make up whatever rules they want. It is up to you to decide if you want to use Fiverr and abide by those rules or to not use Fiverr at all. Going against ToS while using Fiverr, on the other hand, will not be a wise decision.

Fiverr has been known to ban users even for the smallest of reasons. So, my suggestion would be to… Just accept the rules and stick to them (if you want to use Fiverr).

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i you read what i said before i did so dont worry man

dude i was going to change it that could got me banned

What makes you think I even reported you? How does one even report another person?

I only suggested you to remove the part where you gave away your discord tag and said you were open to contacting buyers on discord.

And then, you replied

I even liked that comment of yours showing that I approve of your actions.

What more do you want?

If fiverr decided to take down the gig, it was of their own accord.

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strange how it was the exact same time but fairs il belieave you :wink:

Unfortunately, that’s how fast Fiverr reacts sometimes (doesn’t always happen so quickly though). But, yeah, Fiverr checks all gigs that are created, especially the videos… before they are approved. Once you create a gig video, Fiverr usually takes a day or so to manually check it before approving/rejecting it. That’s probably what happened to you.

Good luck with your gigs and for your future endeavors.