Not the nurse I want caring for me! 👩‍⚕️ 👨‍⚕️


This was listed in Buyer Requests just now:

i need some to do my math assignments, test and quizzes, discussion boards, and write a 4-5 page paper on incivility in the workplace for my professional nursing class.

And she had 20 offers! :angry:


This gives me instant rage… Even BEFORE it was against TOS I never ever did work for others. This is horrible. :rage:


You can not see names in Buyer’s Request unless you look at them using your phone app. She just joined in November. I reported her. Once I saw a guy who said he was a pharmacist and would write papers for pharmacy students.


Or, unless you look at the code for the page itself. :wink:


And where do you find that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This student has 6 offers and he is paying $5. I hope he gets the grade he deserves! :o:

Complete all mymathlab questions (subject: Calc 1) About 22 Sections, each section has about 20-30 questions on average.


Right click on the webpage and click view source code. You can first highlight the section of the page you want to see to make it a little easier to find in all that code.


Now the question arises, Why Fiverr team approve this kind of ‘buyers requests’?


It is just a bunch of code.


Yes it is. It would surprise me if you could see any names in it although I don’t doubt what Jon said.
Usually names are disguised in code. It takes some practice looking at source code to be able to make out what it means.


There is an easier way - if you highlight the user avatar and the first bit of text, and copy it, you can then paste into a text document, and you’ll be able to see the username - magic!


I tried it and apparently it only works if the avatar is a picture


And yet another one! I have never seen so many before! It must be the end of the quarter or semester?

Exam revision! For incorrect multiple choice questions, Explain which is the correct answer and why. Why your original answer choice is incorrect? For incorrect diagram answers, Provide the correct answer. Explain the answer relative to the larger diagram.


Same for the code method, alas.


This makes me think Fiverr team are bots and they approve every request unless they have certain forbidden words.

Yes, I saw that too


When looking at page source, search for code that says alt=" , their usernames are after that it seems.


If you really want the username and can’t get it by any other methods, you can use up one of your own offers and send them an offer for a nice expensive consultation on Fiverr rules. Their username will appear in your sent offers. I’m not endorsing this method, but it’s possible. :slight_smile:


Yep, this is the kind of person who’s gonna kill somebody out of sheer laziness.


I got it off my phone.


I requested samples of logos and my request was refused at least three times then finally allowed, even though I made no changes to it. :crazy_face: