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Not the usual Wordpress Security Gig!


Dear all,
I am an experienced web & system administrator with over 4 years of experience in Linux I have expertise in improving Content Management based security such WordPress and Systems. Where my skills include

  • Perform Vulnerability assessment (code to code & Automated Method)
  • Improve CMS Security with Plugins and Non-Plugin methods
  • Remove any code Infections, malware bots (such as Spam and DDoS bots) and linux infections
  • Scan your installation for malwares and malicious code with standard plus custom Signature Database including ransomware code.
  • Remove and fix malicious and errors in coding.
  • Update all outdated plugins and themes.

My Gig:


  • If you’re a non-profit institution or Social Service organization I shall do any Gig at $5 only!
  • If you don’t have budget but just $5 I shall accommodate you, as I can contribute to safety of the internet society.