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Not to able link with my LinkedIn account

I already link most of my social accounts with Fiverr. But I can’t able to link my LinkedIn with this Fiverr account. several times I tried it but it always shows failed. Can anyone suggest me how can I add my LinkedIn account? :thinking:


Did you added with another fiverr account previousl?

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@webkamruzzaman No brother. it’s my new LinkedIn account

same here I can not link to my linkedin with my fiverr gigs

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@yenduong426 is your LinkedIn account previously added any Fiverr account?

no. This is my only fiverr account

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@mdemaduddin001 then clear your cach and cookies and try again

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@yenduong426 maybe there is some issue. some other sellers also face this problem.

Hello Mohammed,

Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, there is currently an issue when trying to link your LinkedIn account. The issue is known and our Tech Team is working on solving it. Thanks for understanding.

This is the reply from support

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@webkamruzzaman try this already

I am having the same problem

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@qbo_xero_pro yes lots of sellers face the same problem may be