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Not understand the orange bar over the gig page

Is there anyone let me know about the “Orange Header” over gigs page? As I guess It appeare since last 2 weeks. No idea when it will be fine… :frowning:
Can anyone help me or guide me?

Fiverr Team is working on the maintenance, it’s the reason why we can’t see our gig statistics neither. There is nothing to worry about, it will probably be fixed soon.

Another opportunity to shine and recycle my photos (#facepalm)

Thanks @nadia_younus for your quick reply. I understand it is because of maintainance but worried about the performance of my gigs during these days (maintainance days)…If you can help me or guide more about fiverr then please let me how to become a successful on Fiverr as I am trying to grow my fiverr profile.

Can you please check my gigs and check if it is right or do i need something else to do?

As far I observed, your gigs are fine. It’s just a matter of time and luck, keep sharing your gigs on social media to earn some impressions and luckily sometimes clicks too. Keep doing that and soon you will receive orders too. And last but not least, daily send offers to buyer requests, it is helpful for new sellers to find clients.

Check this out: Gig analytics "N/A"