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Not understanding how a new seller has level 2 rating and is considered Pro in like 2 seconds


I have been using Fiverr for 5 years. Recently under the new level update, just yesterday in fact, I received a notification that I was being demoted to ‘Level Two’ seller due to my performance. Um, I’ve been a ‘Level Two’ seller for 5 years!? How do I get “demoted” from an already existing status? Shouldn’t it be "you will remain a ‘Level Two’ Seller? I really have a problemo with the verbiage used in the notification.

Now, the next criteria that I am required to meet in order to maintain my level is to earn 20K in the next 180 days (#LOL). So, after logging in this morning, I notice in the top of my feeds (as a ‘buyer’) a user that is new to Fiverr, just joined in June 2017, they are ‘Level Two’ rated and flagged as ‘PRO’. What kind of jack crap is that?! How the heck did that person earn that level with a fraction of the orders I’ve done? Back in 2013, yes 2013, it took a looooong time to become a ‘Level Two’ seller.

So, I’ve done literally hundreds of orders with a 5-star rating before this pitiful level update and even during the update maintained my standards required like a hawk, responding as quick as I could, returning orders with a fast-turn around and being my delightful self and literally there was nowhere to go besides ‘Level Two’. Does Fiverr actually want us to earn money? I would assume yes, since they shave a percentage off the top, they would want a seller to sell and sell often. Could I be mistaken? :confused:

While I’ve made decent money on Fiverr and even used it to replace my day job at one point, I certainly wouldn’t say it will be feasible to earn 20K in the next 180 days!? That would take a miracle and about 10 more carbon copies of my own-self!? I have an actual j-o-b and a start-up company so my eggs are not all in the Fiverr basket, but it can be a fun moonlight.

Does Fiverr actually want to maintain it’s sellers or rather weed out sellers from the forum? Because my 1st thought would be to cancel my account and focus elsewhere if somehow my gigs are not readily visible after I have been a great seller for 5 years! Ugh! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m not even going to go there with the amount of “Top Rated” sellers that deliver absolute rubbish, and I know they do because I have been a buyer and have been in receipt of their crappy deliveries and lame service so it is not like I do not know both sides of the spectrum :angry:

There- that is my rant, off to do what I do which is be amazing and deliver excellent customer service on little sleep, a heck of a lot of caffeine and mildly irritated :confused:

-Discouraged Freelancer


It was a bug:

Please feel free to untwist your knickers! :wink::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks :slight_smile: Let’s just get one thing straight…First, I don’t wear knickers, the closest thing would probably be yoga pants but that’s neither here nor there. I can let the bug go if that was the case but, still salty because that does not explain the newbie :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Guess you missed the Pro program update as well - here you go:

You be as salty as you like - I have no idea what it means. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for sharing. Good day to you.


You’re welcome! :sunny:


Since I meet all those criteria, I expect that person is me. Just a quick FYI:

  • I was specially invited to join Fiverr as a Pro, due to my portfolio of work outside the platform.
  • I met all the requirements to be promoted to Level 2, within about five months of joining.
  • Although I may have completed a “fraction” of your orders (around 100 to date), I have maintained a five star rating, have 100% completion and response rates, and earned enough for L2.
  • Why shouldn’t I be a Pro with L2 status, with the effort I have put in?

Incidentally, I am $1.50 (yes really) short of nomination to TRS, so will be L2 for at least the next month…

You are welcome to apply for Pro yourself - if you have the right skills, experience, and attitude, you stand a good chance of being accepted. Here is a guide I wrote that may help you achieve that.


I am sure you are not the only person to meet the criteria, was not referring specifically to you. I am glad you were invited to be a Pro. I am glad you met all of your requirements within a short amount of time. I am glad you have put effort into your status and own it. I am glad you have met Fiverr’s quality standards. I am not here to say why you should or shouldn’t be a pro with your level status nor anyone else.

My concern is that after 5 years of using this platform, my gigs will not be seen and my order volume will decline thus forcing me to close my account because it simply will not be worth it due to newbies having greater visibility because they are hand-selected. I do not think that after delivering great performance and quality if not even better over the course of time, it is fair to remain the same level after 5 years. There is absolutely nothing fair about that. Thanks for sharing the guide, I will take a look at it when I have some time :wink:


The only “Newbies” who will have greater visibility are the Pro sellers, and only if that option is selected by the buyer. Pro sellers are not intended to cannibalize the existing market - they tend to target users with higher budgets, who don’t want to go through the trouble of vetting and validating freelancers for themselves.

In other words, Fiverr uses the same algorithms to rate, rank, and show you and your gigs as it does every other regular seller on the platform. You’re already a L2 - If you continue to deliver great performance, and meet all the requirements, you can get nominated for TRS. Surely that is fair and equitable?

Of course, if you have an issue with the Fiverr ranking algorithm (and many do), then that’s a different debate…


NO, you dont.
The $20k is an all time requirement, not just in 180 days, so all your earnings since 2013 are counted in that. Also, you only need to earn that to be considered for TRS, not to maintain level 2.
I think your upset is caused by a complete misunderstanding brought about by the bug mentioned already. You have nothing to worry about - spend your spare time reading on the forum a couple of times per week and you will always be up to date on these issues, bugs, concepts etc.


Thank you! I appreciate your insight as well. Perhaps I was misunderstanding.


Thank you. I need to dig deeper.


You use the word “problemo” while complaining about the verbiage of others. Thanks for my morning’s entertainment.


I speak English and Spanish but glad you find it entertaining :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Enjoy your day!


I shall. No problemo.


I started in April of 2017, and as of July 2017 I became a Level 2 seller. It’s not that hard.


Great. Congratulations to you :+1: I am sure it took no more than a few months for me to reach Level 2 as it was 5 years ago so reaching the level in a certain amount of time is not my issue as I mentioned above. My concern is how level under the new changes impacts visibility in the feed but thanks for your reply! Have a wonderful day.


bdclothing, I am feeling your pain and frustration! I’m a TRS and have been here for 5 years as well, completing close to 5,000 orders, and like you, I have worked super hard over a long period of time to deliver quality work. A lot of the updates lately have been total BS. For example, I edited my main gig just after the new year to change my 14 years of experience to 15, and it caused that gig to drop off the search results completely, vastly affecting the number of orders I’ve been receiving. I have a feeling that after this update I’m going to have to focus my efforts elsewhere in order to pay my rent, which is a bummer because I really enjoy using the Fiverr platform. Nothing against new sellers, as everyone deserves an equal opportunity, but it definitely feels like these changes are forcing some of the longtime sellers out.


Wow I totally feel you. As a seller of 2 years who regularly puts a tremendous amount of care and effort into maintaining quality deliveries, and especially FOR cheap prices, it’s more than tedious seeing amateur workers with subpar work output receive TRS status over me. By all means compare my body of work to most TRS in the illustration field on Fiverr and you will see the disparity. On top of that, I’ve been here for 2 years or so, and have delivered over 130 orders, 98% of which were 5-Star rating, completely loyal to Fiverr. I’m sure a lot of good sellers are experiencing the same dissatisfaction.

Funny enough, I came dangerously close to losing my level 2 short of a couple of days all because of 2 mutual cancellations a couple of months ago. I’ll admit Fiverr is a great place to get freelance work, but they clearly have no respect for actual professionals who want to deliver quality work. Further, it’s obvious that the site is not focused on promoting sellers that provide such work. Instead they’d rather promote shoddy art and blatant logo rip-offs, while sellers like me exist nearly in the shadows of the site.

Mostly I just keep to myself and do work, but sometimes it’s hard to ignore.


5000 orders is amazing. I have experienced making a minor update to the gig and then dropping off of the listing or being so far down that the gig is not even visible.

More power to new sellers but it sure would have been nice to have such opportunities to leverage up faster back then. I hope things improve for you especially as a TRS.