Not understanding the Modification Time Limits


I am totally not understanding how the modification time limit works. I delivered an order early. The buyer took 2 days to acknowledge the delivery, then they requested the modification. By the time I logged in to submit the modification it was ‘LATE’. The notification from the modification came in an hour and 1/2 prior.
1). If it’s 5AM I am asleep
2). How is it determined that I can even make the modification within 2 hours? This was a quick fix but other times changes could take some time.
3). I’ve had modifications times that are as long as 24 hours to complete?
I don’t get how it works!? Help :sob: I know this will ruin my delivery rate for this month :persevere::smirk::neutral_face:

This Monday is off to a GREAT start :roll_eyes:


My understanding is this;

  • You deliver the order, with say 3 hours left to spare. No matter what, you are now ‘on time’. The clock pauses.

  • The buyer requests a revision. The clock counts down, with the time you had left (3 hours in this example)

  • 3 hours passes. The clock in the Order Page changes to say LATE. It’s frustrating (and obnoxious) but doesn’t actually mean anything, because you already delivered your work (your ‘first draft’ if you like). You deliver your modification now, a day from now, a month from now, and the order still counts as ‘Delivered on Time’. (Note; I’m not endorsing waiting a month to deliver a revision!)

More experienced Fiverrers… Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong :grinning:


Modification time doesn’t effect your delivery time so don’t worry about that. Just make sure not to take too much time.


thank you, that clarifies things.


thank you very much. good advice.


It does affect the on time delivery now, I’ve lost my level one badge because of delivering revisions when the counter said late, what I do now is ask to extend the delivery time when the buyer requests modifications.