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Not very happy with fiverr

So I was doing really well on my gigs and then I got one client who disappeared on me. I finished my gig ahead of schedule and left more than enough time for him to request corrections for the rewrite. He didn’t come back on firctwo days. Then he gave me a low rating. Now no one is asking me for gigs and I can’t bid on any buyer requests. It’s been a month since it happened. It’s sad because I was starting to get gigs and because of that one guy, I get nothing.

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It’s unfortunate for you and we all have this buyers from time to time however all buyers are allowed to leave a review they think is fair.

I’m not sure what do you mean by “I was doing really well on my gigs” especially when you have only one review and that review is a 1.7 star review.
And your buyer basically saying that you didn’t do the job and only copy pasted things. That’s is pretty rough and with that kind of review will be quite difficult to recover.


Hi Ckwriter12345

I agree with @mariashtelle1
This is your first gig order, How can you know for sure that you doing really well on your gigs?
I afraid that sometimes seller didn’t realize what mistake they actually did.
Still, it will get really hard to recover from this low rating, especially when you got it on the first order :frowning:

Better to start new account? and make sure you totally understand what client need :slight_smile:

Wish you luck.

This was not my first order. This was my fourth order. The other buyers did not leave reviews.

This was not my first order…this was my fourth order. The other buyers loved my work. They worked with me from start to finish. This guy was a flake and now I’m paying for it.

As a 20 year journalist, I find this disgusting and disrespectful… I have been the editor at two daily newspapers. I retired.

I should have seen the red flags with this guy at the beginning as he was flakey to begin with.

I do not and will not tolerate this BS and Nicole and dime stuff here as I have other respectable clients that I freelance for outside of fiverr. I work for two legitimate newspapers.

Fiverr was just extra money for me.

I have earned 140.00 so far and I guess now I will earn no more.

What a joke!

It’s happens for everyone here.
Eventhough you don’t work here on fiverr, you will actually get scammer buyer like this everywhere.
That is why we should ask very detailed instructions from buyer.
If the buyer sound like too fussy or can’t provide detailed instructions, it’s for best if we decline the job offer.

I’m too got same experience as you did.
Buyer ordered and dissapear, suddenly on the last hours show up with 1 star rating. No communication, no explanation at all.

I’m contact CS, and nothing can be done.

The best counter measure is try to provide bad review a good explanation how this happen.

Wish you luck,

Best regards,
Ridwan Sugi

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