Not view my gig


I seen my gig that not view last four day. Everyone has have in this marketplace that talk to me, What is problem in this issue?


Same here. It happens sometimes. Give it 2-3 days otherwise send a ticket to customer support.


I was receiving 2000 impressions on my gig and now 0 since 4 days
already added a technical ticket for that you should go ahead and do that :smirk:


If an will a technical ticket than fiverr support team solve my problem please info. thanks for replay


Hmm? :confused:

Well you can check your gig impressions like i was receiving 0 since 3-4 days so i filled the ticket, You can do the same :slight_smile:


Right now everyone is experiencing this issue. Fiverr Team is aware of this already and working to solve this :slight_smile:


I got a response from Customer Support last evening. They said that the problem should be fixed in this afternoon. So patience is the key.


Same here, I hope that fiverr fix it soon as possible :slight_smile:


thanks everyone given to inform this this issue.


yes! I hope that fiverr technical team will solve this issu