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Not visible my gig

my gig is not visible in the fiverr but my gig is active??
Can anyone know the reason

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Hi, its happen because of ranking, you have to take some steps for better ranking so that your gig will visible in Fiverr search result. You can improve your gig description, seo title, gig images etc. for better ranking

If you use the :mag: search feature, you will find many answers to your question.

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I assure you your gig is visible.

Enter the title of your gig in the search bar to find it.

Thanks for your your reply frinds . But i want to know have you get order on this Fiverr site ?

waiting for 1st order

yes, I got 1-2 order everyday

I’ve gotten a few orders on this site.

Thanks friend for giving me confident . Thanks for your reply