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I’ve completed an order and delivered the order 4days ago, buyer not response and the order not mark completed automatically. now what can i do


Now you have to mark orders as complete yourself (it’s a new feature).

Go to the order’s page, press the button on top.

You can message the buyer to let them know they can message you back for comments or revisions just in case, too.


Thanks for reply, But I can’t see any option here to finish order.


I had 2 orders like that. One auto completed this morning on the 4th day. I am still waiting on the second one. :thinking:


My one is Done few minutes ago!

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Both of mine have auto completed now.

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Just out of curiosity, before the issue occurred did you have a manual order completion option or were all of your orders still in auto-complete mode?

Good gracious lawd, now I have to fill up my calendar with alarms to not forget to mark an order as complete myself.

Who in the world can even think of something like this feature? It makes absolutely no sense! Like we didn’t have enough to do already :smirk:

I guess Fiverr needs to keep sellers alert, always doing something, so that they can submit less tickets and complain less :eyes:


Please, folks, do give feedback to CS - the more people who let them know why this is a bad idea, the greater the chance it won’t be implemented permanently.


I think we’ve been giving too much feedback to CS - they’re imposing a $2 service fee to every $5 order now to cover CS costs. This applies even if you’ve got a Fiverr balance. :frowning:


I think Fiverr has a list of everything that works, and any new developer they hire needs to go through a test where they have to come up with a solution to unfix a previously working item on that list.

Or they want to turn Fiverr into the Twilight Zone altogether :grimacing:



I don’t really know what to say here without throwing in three or four expletives.

Is this accurate? If I have $10 in my Fiverr balance and order a $5 gig, it will cost me $7? - Even though the dough is already sitting on Fiverr?

Well, blow that away for a basket of smelly fish sticks and cabbage leaves. I’m not spending a penny out of principle if that’s the case.


That’s right. This is what CS said “Thank you for reaching out to Fiverr Customer Support, where your satisfaction is number one. The new fee is a service charge to allow Fiverr to provide a stable platform for buyers and sellers to work uninterrupted, and to allow for a better overall experience while using Fiverr. Sellers are now required to pay a service fee on orders placed using revenues earned. As of May 2018, the current fees assessed to the total purchase amount are $2 on purchases up to $40 and 5% on purchases above $40.”

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Too late - I beat you to it!

The ToS doesn’t seem to have been updated to reflect this, so if anybody fancies a look at it from a legal standpoint?

Still says:
As of May 2018, the current fees assessed to the total purchase amount are $2 on purchases up to $40 and 5% on purchases above $40. When purchasing from your shopping balance (resulting from any credits or refunds) you will not be charged a service fee.


keep patience, maybe, your buyer outside now :thinking:

That’s just frigging retarded.

We already PAY them a $1 for every $5 we earn. Now, we have to pay to use others’ services too.
The site is becoming too greedy if that’s the case.


Yup - I guess we won’t be seeing any sellers that are also buyers anymore.

If you sell a $5, you earn $4. If you buy a $5 gig, you lose $2 more. So at the end of the day you basically earned $2 out of the $5 that you’ve initially sold :expressionless: #bug_or_greed


Yeah! I placed an order (Using revenue earned) few hours ago and they charged service fee. We already pay a percentage and paying again really doesn’t make any sense.


But… There’s not even anything to be covered by a service fee. And what about all that investmant capital Fiverr raised the other year? Has that literally been spent on paying someone to say: "Hey, you there, you should stick a service fee on that."

I’m not really that affected by this. BUT this is like customer service meets a SWAT team raid on your most loyal customer’s bank accounts.

All that said, at least this explains all the crazy complete your own orders and send roses with every notification nonsense. It’s all Fiverr trying to project it’s sneaky money grabbing and appalling customer service onto its user base.

At least try and hide the evidence with some half decent PR, Fiverr.


It’s “giving you more options”, you just don’t get it. More buttons to press if you’re into that sort of thing.

I am jealous of all the sellers who didn’t get this awesome update yet, though. I’ll gladly take a new inbox design instead.