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Not working to well... Any help?


Well; hello. I’m a new member of Fiverr and so far love it. Today, I just made my first gig. (Yay!?) But one thing; my pictures or profile picture won’t update/show on the gig page. It’s been a few hours since I made it… does it take longer? I tried viewing the gig from my phone and it’s the same thing. Also; I did upload the pictures in Jpeg and 600 by 360 (Or whatever the rec. is.) So I do not see what the problem is. Does it just take longer?

Sorry for this pointless topic if it is; my apologies.


Thank you both. Overnight, the gig layout seems to look better; (as with my profile picture.) So I guess it was only time that it needed. Although, there is still a few flaws in the layout; I’m sure it’ll be fixed in time.




The first thing you can do is contact Customer Support. There may be a delay in your profile pic as the moderators have to approve it.



Hey there Revlogo !

Firstly welcome to Fiverr and the Community !

Ok I see you profile pic is active within the main Fiverr, site give it 24 hours to update here on the forum as there is usually a slight delay for profile pics / levels badges to be updated and if that fails follow Bruce’s advice and head over to the customer support team !