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Not yet at 1st level But want to accommodate a repeat buyer

A buyer wants to pay $30 for my next gig and wants one transaction rather than the six. I want to accommodate her (customer service and all) but how? Can I use shipping charges?

I’m afraid you’ll have to ask her to buy 6 gigs. The shipping fee goes up to $10 (of which you’ll get $8.00) & you can only charge 1 shipping fee per gig sale. I suppose you could write up a gig for her that is $5.00 with a $10.00 shipping fee, and she will only need to buy 2, but as soon as she orders, you’ll need to remove the shipping on the gig or another customer will wonder why you charge shipping!

If she likes your work, just explain to her that you’ll soon be able to more easily accommodate her, but that in the meantime this is how the sale will need to be transacted. Then be sure to assure her that you’ll work very hard to make sure she’s pleased!

Thank you so much for your reply! I did contact customer service for their advice too and received acknowledgement that someone else will write me back. I wasn’t how that shipping part worked and that is good advice.