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Not yet level one but needs to charge extra for a more detailed order


Hello! I am a new seller and placed a gig for tshirt design. Someone placed an order and I think it would cost more than $5. How can I ask for more charge from the buyer when I can’t put additional gig yet?


First of all you must provide basic service for $5.

If you like to offer some EXTRAS, add them to your GIG Description clearly.

When i was on a level zero i got buyer who purchased 35 GIGs of mine to cover the $175 charges for web work. That buyer literally buy 35 GIGs individually.

So if you have any extra service, just mention on bottom of your GIG DESCRIPTION clearly. So buyer can understand.


I looked at your t shirt Gig and it seems you either amended it to show what a “basic” design would cost and what a more involved one would cost: in your words, "$20 or so…"

If you did not have this other info on your profile (the $20 part), you have a few choices here:

  1. Suck it up and do it for $5
  2. Admit to the buyer what they want is going to exceed what $5 can buy
  3. Walk on some slippery ice by asking the buyer to order however many more $5 Gigs to cover what the labor is truly going to cost

    If that $20 portion was added after they ordered, they may get a bit frustrated with you, as they may see it as a bait and switch. This is why when writing your Gig, you have to be clear about what $5 is going to actually buy. I have people who like to ask more than one question, even though my Gig states that the $5 reading or basic Gig is for ONE specific question. If it is a new person, I bite my tongue and answer the other questions unless it’s ridiculous and they are asking half a dozen things. I remind them at the end of my reading that the Gig is priced at $5 for one question, and if they want to ask other things to please order Extras or multiple Gigs next time.

    I see you also state that they should contact you before they order. Did this person do that? I am guessing they didn’t. Some buyers don’t take the time to read through a Gig description and just click order which can give us sellers a headache.

    If what this buyer is ordering is just not cost effective, you may have to just be honest and tell them that what they are expecting cannot be done for one Gig ($5), and then give them the amount of Gigs or $$ it would cost. You could always close with saying if this is not feasible, to let you know so you can do a mutual cancellation of the order. Just remember, cancellations, even mutual, are shown on your profile now. There is a % or ratio of cancellations. I suppose this is to show potential buyers whether you follow through or not. The thing is, sometimes sellers cannot follow through on orders that are made in error or expect more than what the Gig offers.

    But, I have read in these forums of people dealing with some who get annoyed and demand work regardless.