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Not yet received any order instead having good experienced

I have not yet received any order. I have above 30 years experience in the field of accounts/finance and created 3 gigs but still waiting for the order.

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You will get your first order soon just keep on sending offers in buyers request :smiley:

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If you have 30 years of experience, why aren’t you proving it within your gig? All you do is make claims… you show no evidence, portfolio, or client list. Plus, you have no reviews to attest to your skills or experience working with clients. And, you’re charging $500 right off the bat as a new, and inexperienced Fiverr freelancer?!!

Right now, you’re not presenting yourself as someone buyers should hire.

Also, keep in mind, you’re offering to do rather sensitive financial services. People are not likely to hire a random someone who does not have any reviews, has no portfolio or evidence of the skills you claim, and whom they cannot confirm to be a safe hire.

You can’t just put up a vague gig, and expect sales. You’re a freelancer. You need to think like a businessman. You’re here to help people. Start small, build a reputation, and expand your services and prices as you become more experienced on this site. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. You will likely have to go through a lot of challenges and hard times before you break even. It’s not easy here, and it isn’t supposed to be.

So… how do you think you can prove your skills? Have you done your market research? What price point are your target customers willing to pay? And what marketing and promotional work have you been doing to reach out and connect to your target customers?


Jonbass is absolutely right. You need to review your gigs, cut down on your prices as a new freelancer, and add portfolio that matches your 30 years experience.

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