Note! Do not be deceived!


I sell something on fiverr,also i am a buyer.I bought a gig about keyword targeted traffic.

But I found that traffic is not true.Because my website does not have any interaction information, and no orders. According to the data analysis of visitors, that traffic is determined to be false. Then, there are a lot of sellers on fiverr like this. Please carefully distinguish… How to distinguish between true and false, mainly to see the prices.


SEO is always a slip topic. I also have a website, but I couldn’t believe that for only 5$ I will be visible on the first page of Google.


Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Yes,I agree with your point of view.


It could depend on the keyword(s) used.

If I use a rare keyword that nobody uses, I bet you I will be first on Google.

But how many people will do a search on that keyword?

Probably, nobody!

For example: Keyword: portextrapollation

You will make it to number one in first page.

But how many people search for “portextrapollation”?

Probably, not even mathematicians.

Beware of first google page offers.

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