"NOTE: It would be great if you give me BONUS content, I will definately give you best review and my other orders too."


I have had 6 orders with this message (or words to that effect), this week.

Anybody else notice a massive increase in the number of people asking for free content to deliver a good review?


I’ve never had even 1 of these messages until now.
Maybe I’m still the lucky one? :smirk:
Just curious: what have you answered?


Well, not those exact words, but many of my sellers said things like “if you can also give me this and that I’ll leave a great review”, with “this and that” being extra free work outside of my gig’s scope :unamused:

I politely turned them down explaining why I can’t offer this and that, and while most disappear without leaving a review, some still take the extra mile to leave me a good review :slight_smile:


I just ignored it, but I know one of them is going to leave a negative review as a result, so I have informed customer support.


Well, ignoring such messages can have a bad impact since buyers don’t like being ignored. Instead you should have politely turned them down like I do in these cases.


This is what middle fingers were made for.

Just send a message back saying that you would love to give bonus content for free but sadly your children require more than just cabbage leaves for basic sustenance.


You shouldn´t accept any kind of “blackmailing” and report things like that straight to CS.


I have received two messages like this during the week:
“I need “work here” done. if you are good, will buy and give wonderful review”.

Is annyoning, until now I do not accept any of the proposals, should I do it?


Still better than a buyer who ordered my gig and said “I bought several other gigs like yours to compare you and see if you’re good” - a heck of a comparison if he bought copycats or fresh new sellers to compare my work to theirs :unamused: Lucky for me, the info he provided wasn’t working for my gig, so we cancelled.


Oh, that sounds bad. Luckily I have found also excellent buyers, with great qualities, and even I have worked along with their teams, a wonderful experience.

Well, I’m a new seller, and still don’t have a big bank of clients, but… There I go.


Just ask for a Bonus too. Like a $10 or $20 Bonus :wink:


i got them also…“if we love ur work then we wll order…so first gv us ai draft” i mean they are not gettng as for this trust factor the fiverr is playing a role as a bridge both for buyers and sellers. dont know why buyer think we wll run with their money :stuck_out_tongue:


I would tell them no thanks.


I will agree with @Woofy31 you shoundn’t ignore them just decline politely.


And also the buyer doesn’t wants to give me information:
So, my reply was like this:

Look, a good logo design isn’t done just with good luck. It requires a critical thinking approach to be done correctly, I would send you a sample design, but it will be not optimized for what you need, it takes time, and time is valuable, for you, and me.
Out there you could find tons of “graphic designers” who are hungry for the money, without taking care of the quality, I’m not one of that crowd.